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To be a bit irritated when DH says "apologies"; or "much appreciated"?

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ParsleyTheLion1 Mon 07-Mar-16 10:04:39

DH and I are both lawyers. In the office, it's fairly common to use "apologies" or "much appreciated" as a sort of quick, not very heartfelt or sincere expression of regret and appreciation (respectfully). It's often used in email particularly. DH has a tendency to use the expressions at home, rather than "I'm sorry" or "Thank you very much"/"I really appreciate it". It slightly irritates because it sounds like he's speaking like a work email; that the sentiment is a bit less meaningful. Sort of "weasely politician" expressions.

WorraLiberty Mon 07-Mar-16 10:07:28


This reminds me of a thread a few years ago where the OP's DH used to sign off his texts and personal emails to her with, "Many thanks" grin

OurBlanche Mon 07-Mar-16 10:07:31

Ah! I usually say "I am your wife, not your work" when mine drops into 'work speak'.

It annoys him but I remind him that his annoyance is nothing compared to that of a wife so casually dismissed! Which annoys him more but reminds him he can be brusque sometimes.

DragonsToSlayAndWineToDrink Mon 07-Mar-16 11:02:16

I frequently ask DP to please make me a coffee "when you have capacity" blush

Katenka Mon 07-Mar-16 11:37:08

I have to say this doesn't bother me. Probably because I do it. It's automatic most of the time. Although I do ask dh to 'cascade information to the kids' as a bit of a piss take as my old company used to use that.

Although to be fair if I start talking in my work manner I do usually follow it up 'sorry, talking bollocks again' and repeat what I said but in normal speech.

EastMidsMummy Mon 07-Mar-16 11:38:41

Kindest regards.

blueshoes Mon 07-Mar-16 12:17:07


FigMango1 Mon 07-Mar-16 12:19:12

My Dh does this and it doesn't bother me. He works in a stressful, intensive and very professional environment where it's expected to have this manner. I know what he means when he speaks this way so I don't get annoyed.

Frika Mon 07-Mar-16 12:20:35

Yanbu, but the issue is that he's using email work written shorthand, surely? I'm an academic, and also have recourse to 'apologies' and 'much appreciated' and the like, but they aren't even things you would say aloud in a work context, really. He's talking like a work email at home, which is weird. Does he have a tin ear for tone/context in general?

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