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To complan about something over a year after it happened?

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Abbbinob Sun 06-Mar-16 11:42:19

I want to complain about the local councils housing department, however all this happened over a year ago but this is what happened-

was offered a flat when pregnant. baby born 10 days early (one day before we were due to move in) and they said because he had been born, we weren't allowed to move in,
then they said we weren't even on the list anymore as the rules had changed, magically overnight.

Was made homeless, informed the housing options team when i would be made homeless a month before hand, and when i went to the office on the day they said no they won't help.
after an hour of arguing my point with them they said "fine, but you will end up in place over 100 miles away
she then went and dissapeared for 2 hours, came back and said i have 2 hours to get to the place or i won't be allowed to stay. it was rush hour and over a 2 hour drive away. the LL of the place phoned me to say that the housing officer called her and said I'd be there at 7pm but she thinks that's impossible so just call me when im almost there.
so the housing officer basically made that up to make it difficult for me to get there/ get my stuff.

The place was a shared house, used for ex offenders. I was sent there with my 9 month old baby and was the only woman.
one of the guys was dealing drugs and had knives hid in every room (we found them)
I got a call from the LL who said they were going to be moving someone in who can't be left unsupervised around children. wtf.

Anyway, mum wrote to the mp and i was moved out of there very quickly after she did that and intoo temporary accomodation.

Now, this temp accomodation is a large block of flats with staff who work there in the reception downstairs.
when i got there they were moaning about the council sending people to b&b when they have half the block of empty flats ready for people that is never full up.
the rent at the shared house was more than at the temp accommodation.

aibu to complain? none of this seems right to me. I'm sure there are rules where b&b for families is only to be used when it's the only option?
Not to mention it was so far away and not a suitable place to go at all. there are b&bs in the town i live that the council use, everyone else i met at temp accomodation went to the closer ones. I think the HO just didn't like me. and the fact that i was moved days after writing to mp makes me think they shouldn't have ever put me there and they knew it?
The LL for the shared house had never had anyone from our borough before, but if you google temp accomocation in area far away it comes up, so i have a feeling they found it on purpose to try and put me off.

I complained once and they ignored my letter.
then i was too scared to complain until i had a secure place to live

Abbbinob Sun 06-Mar-16 11:44:45

I don't live in london or an area with a massive shortage of housing btw

NotMeNotYouNotAnyone Sun 06-Mar-16 12:18:37


I think being pregnant and then having a small baby and dealing with everything else is a legitimate reason for why you didn't complain at the time. The council may well challenge you on that, but obviously you had more than enough on your plate already and if you were worried they weren't being helpful, were treating you unfairly, it's understandable why you wouldn't have wanted to do anything else to make a bad situation even worse.

You mentioned the temp accommodation flat, are you still there? How temporary is it likely to be?

Ocelotsmama Sun 06-Mar-16 12:48:19

It sounds like you had a shocking experience. Its a complete disgrace that you were treated this way and made so vulnerable. If you feel able to complain then do because if you were treated like that then others were too and it should be brought to light and stopped. It is completely understandable that you couldn't complain while you were reliant on them. I bet the same people still work there and the same systems are in place still so your complaint could make a difference and even if not it could be therapeutic to complain anyway. You should not have been treated like that. Feel free to raise holy hell.

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