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To be feeling pretty sorry for myself

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littlejolee Sat 05-Mar-16 23:16:31

Bit of a rant really as much as anything. Dp ordered a load of groceries from asda online yesterday after I wrote him a list of what we need, we are very much down to our bare bones atm because DS is too sick to drag around the shops (fever of 39.9 and 2yo) and even though I could have got a few bits in today as dp is home we thought there would be no need as loads of stuff was supposed to arrive between 7-8 this evening. Alas yet no delivery! Been on the phone to them trying to chase down what exactly is happening a few times and was told they would call back. They're closed now and haven't called back.
I'm just really cross and disappointed. Dp is furious too. It's fucked our whole evening up royally and I had to run to the chipper before it closed to get gross warm ups for tea so dinner ruined too.
I'm also coming down with whatever lurghy my lo has and fully anticipating tomorrow being all but cancelled and being generally pretty crap (supposed to be going for a meal as a family buy DS almost definitely won't be well enough and I don't think I will be either, as well as probably having to wait in for this bloody delivery).
And i got drenched and frozen getting mother's day cards/flowers today for mine and dp's mum.

The wine I would be drinking is in the asda shop that hasn't materialised and so is the chocolate I would be eating.

I am properly fed up sad

MakeItRain Sat 05-Mar-16 23:22:20

flowerswinecakestdavids That all sounds horrible. Fingers crossed you don't get the lurgy, Asda delivers in the morning, your little boy feels better and you have a chilled day (and wine ) tomorrow smile

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