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AIBU to want to put mint sauce on strawberries?

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Discopanda Fri 04-Mar-16 23:01:56

It has vinegar and some people put balsamic vinegar on strawberries, ditto the sugar and the mint. AIBU in thinking this might be a good kitchen experiment? TBF I've been known to eat mint sauce straight out of the jar with a spoon.

coralpig Fri 04-Mar-16 23:05:23

ew YABU. But i hate mint sauce at the best of times. fresh mint or the jamie oliver mint sugar pineapple recipe is a nice one. I think that would work well with strawbs.

Queenbean Fri 04-Mar-16 23:06:48

How would this make you unreasonable?

hejsvejs Fri 04-Mar-16 23:07:57

Try it and give us some feedback!

CosyNook Fri 04-Mar-16 23:08:43

If you want to, but do let us know your opinion.

Discopanda Fri 04-Mar-16 23:14:21

It's actually not that bad! The strawberries are under ripe so it couldn't make them worse.

Cinderbloom Fri 04-Mar-16 23:16:40

YANBU. Please proceed. I have balsamic vinegar mint sauce (Tesco Finest) and strawberries in the kitchen...

Allalonenow Fri 04-Mar-16 23:18:22

I think it could work, strawberries with a mint sorbet is a classic combination.

Sometimes I make a black pepper syrup to serve with strawberries and that is fab.

Katarzyna79 Fri 04-Mar-16 23:18:33

you mean mint sauce no yoghurt in there pure mint sauce urgh...

cream or sprinkle of sugar no mint!!
ice cream would be good.

Discopanda Fri 04-Mar-16 23:32:43

Oooo black pepper syrup sounds nice!

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Sat 05-Mar-16 03:13:24

Ewww boak. Are you pregnant

RitaVinTease Sat 05-Mar-16 03:40:49

Are you pregnant?

MartinaJ Sat 05-Mar-16 05:50:33

Put it on the side. I hate it when someone serves me fresh fruit and kills it by putting on something on it I don't like. Mind you, I love all sauces and condiments on the side and if you served me beans on one plate with my fry without putting them in a separate dish, I'd refuse it.

HicDraconis Sat 05-Mar-16 06:56:31

One of my friends served mojito sugar with strawberries (which has lots of mint!) - and they were droolicious smile

I can't smell mint sauce without tasting lamb though, whether it's there or not, which may make your strawberries taste a little strange...

Kwick709 Sat 05-Mar-16 07:10:38

mint sauce and strawberries sounds delicious!

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