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To ask if you have the ikea patrull stair gate...

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chumbler Fri 04-Mar-16 17:02:41

The concertina one, it looks like it has to have a wall either side, but would it fit on my stairs with a skirting board, like this

I hope that makes sense! Hope someone can help me smile

chumbler Fri 04-Mar-16 17:17:33

Sorry rubbish links, try again!

Junosmum Fri 04-Mar-16 17:22:22

We looked at it but discounted it as we didn't think it would- you'd need to have it higher than the skirting board.

silverdrawers Fri 04-Mar-16 17:28:18

I have one, no it wouldnt fit it needs to be flush with the wall. Excellent gate for door frames though!

LetThereBeCupcakes Fri 04-Mar-16 17:34:17

We don't have that exact one but do have a gate that needs to be on a flat wall. DH has put some battoning on the wall to even it out. However he's a carpenter so can do it nicely and will be able to sort out the wall once the gate comes down.

chumbler Fri 04-Mar-16 17:36:17

Oh what a shame! I loved the look of it. Will start looking again, of anyone knows of any others that "disappear" when open Id love to know, it's a great idea!

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