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AIBU to be a grump over Mothers Day?

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Tigerblue Fri 04-Mar-16 16:25:26

So tomorrow, taking DD to club in morning. DH finishes work at 1pm and taking MIL out for lunch - no suggestion of taking us (I'm half tempted to take DCs out myself and put on our credit card). Then MIL is coming to ours for afternoon/evening. I'd be cooking anyway, but she won't eat what I had planned so having to do something else. Working all day on Sunday (don't mind otherwise I'd have had MIL or DM all day). Picking DM up on way home. Quick 5 mins with DCs to open their cards/presents (I leave early and they won't be up) and then cooking and taking DM home later.

Other than cards/presents, which I am grateful for, I hate the thought of Mothers Day every year as having to make a special effort to entertain MIL and DM and it feels nothing is about me. I guess I'm being selfish, as I can't not do something for them but ...

waffilyversati1e Fri 04-Mar-16 16:29:35

I usually have my Mum over on a sunday (she has 5 children so we have shared custody lol) and she offered to spend it at home so I could be with my children. I told her not to be silly. It will just be like any other day for me though. My eldest might make me breakfast in bed but I won't get cards or presents. Never do.

MorrisZapp Fri 04-Mar-16 16:31:57

Mothers day is for the oldest surviving mum. I won't get one for twenty years at a guess. Such is life.

FigMango1 Fri 04-Mar-16 16:33:10

Yanbu op. He should rather take you and dc out for dinner on Saturday instead of you cooking for everyone.

ThorsLady Fri 04-Mar-16 16:33:21

I agree with Morris.
It's for the eldest mother, your time will come.

It's just Mothers Day, you've got your birthday to hog the spotlight.

JenEric Fri 04-Mar-16 16:36:16

See I hate it because I lost my mum 3 years ago and my mil 8 years ago and every time I see a card I would love to send it stabs me in the heart.

Everyone is different. There will always be someone spoilt and someone in tears. Most will be bobbing along somewhere in the middle.

Allalonenow Fri 04-Mar-16 16:36:50

You do seem to be spending all your time at work or in the kitchen!

Just mention to DH that you and DD will be joining him and his mother for lunch. Job done! wine

Tigerblue Fri 04-Mar-16 16:47:37

Thanks for your replies (so far).

Thors - I can't hog the limelight on my birthday as it's MIL's birthday as well, she has no other close family, so joins us!!

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