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Ex husband!!!!

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Stressedmama16 Fri 04-Mar-16 10:05:15

So xh was supposed to be picking the kids up from school today so he could give dd his birthday present. I asked him yesterday if he could take them to Asda to buy them some pants and socks. I never ask him to buy them a thing. He said okay. He texted this morning saying he hasn't been paid, which is strange because he doesn't get paid until 1pm on Friday.

He's just knocked on the door and left dds present on the door step! And messaged me saying he's not picking them up as he has no money to do anything with them.

I have never asked for a penny off him and when I do I get called a "money scrounging c***".

I'm sick of it!! My babies are amazing and they don't deserve a dad that only comes and see them when he can be bothered.

I'm so angry!!!

Deletetheheat Fri 04-Mar-16 10:07:14

Wow what a dick.


All you can do with a twat like him is keep on being a great mother to your children. They will know exactly who he is when they get older. Hold your head high, love.

Stressedmama16 Fri 04-Mar-16 10:17:22

I will carry on being a good mummy. They don't deserve to be kept let down by him! Been with my partner two years and he's known the kids a year. He's put more effort in being a step dad in a year than xh has in 8! The amount of support and encouragement he's gave them has seen the blossom. But xh doesn't want to see that. 😡

Quoteunquote Fri 04-Mar-16 10:17:32

What a cuntbadger ,

Don't let his twonk behaviour in, how ever hard ignore, keep a diary for your own therapy , and one day when your children are adults, they can see what you had to suck up to try and facilitate their relationship with him.

Don't let him steal your energy, rant here, be calm in RL, that way his actions can't do as much damage.

VioletVaccine Fri 04-Mar-16 12:21:50

What a monumental twat your XH is!! angry

Yy to Quoteunquote suggestion of keeping a diary. I have kept one alongside paperwork for the future, my XH hasn't seen our DS(13) for many years now, his choice. I've got a box which contains a diary, 2 sim cards (containing messages along the lines of he's not babysitting for me anymore angry) and paperwork from when he refused to pay £3.75 a week, then £2.50 a week, because it was 'more than he could afford'.

If your feckless arsehole of an Ex ends up dropping contact like mine did, it would be beneficial in the future to keep this sort of thing for your DD, so she knows you really did try to maintain their relationship after the split. I've done this for when XH inevitably plays the "injured father" card in years to come and blames me.

You're doing a great job flowers don't forget it!

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