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What ingenious little life hacks would you like to share?

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Rainbunny Thu 03-Mar-16 23:39:19

Apparently I have vastly improved the quality of a friend's life by sharing my method of storing (for disposal) used tampons. It's probably not original but simple and easy. I throw them into scented biodegradable doggy poop bags (I buy the them in bulk anyway so they're really cheap). Then they can be thrown into the kitchen trash without any unpleasant sights or smells. Very useful when we're staying as guests at other's homes. My friend is preparing to temporarily move in with her inlaws and has actually been a little worried about this since her inlaws are maniacally houseproud and any reminder of human presence is frowned upon . Just wondered what other little things people do to make life easier?

ChickyChickyParmParm Thu 03-Mar-16 23:46:26

I got sick of fetching the kids water so stuck magnets on two plastic cups and they now live on the fridge where the water is dispensed from.

It must save me 10 minutes a day!

RudeElf Thu 03-Mar-16 23:46:29

Ooh i do that too!! Really only because i already have the poop bags for the dog and it made sense.

Tips from me:

Clothes pegs hold the wheelie bin liner in place so it doesnt sink inside the bin when you put rubbish in. Just remember to take them off on bin day so the bag actually goes with the rubbish into the bin lorry. runs away because bags are evil on MN

RudeElf Thu 03-Mar-16 23:47:46

Decant bubble bath into a pump dispenser so you can control how much comes out. Useful as my DC would tip the lot in!

PurpleDaisies Thu 03-Mar-16 23:48:47

I buy chewing gum in big pots for the car. Keep the old pot for putting old gum into and you'll never be caught without somewhere to dispose of it again.

TheFairyCaravan Thu 03-Mar-16 23:53:33

If your iron gets that black burnt on stuff on the sole plate rub it over with a paracetamol tablet or a piece of chalk when it's warm (be careful not to burn your fingers) and it will all come off.

antimatter Thu 03-Mar-16 23:55:06

I emailed all copies of important documents (passports, driving license etc) in case i need any of numbers for various reaasons or buying plane tickets.

I keep separate purses per currency I am using on holidays. No more mixed coins in my pockets!

Installed torch on my mobile phone and using it at least once a week.

RedOnHerHedd Thu 03-Mar-16 23:55:38

When butter is too cold to spread on your toast in the mornings, I shave slices of it off using a vegetable peeler. Perfect to add a slice to your toast with no gouges in your butter or holes in your toast.

If you're potty training a toddler at night, layer the waterproofer and bed sheets like so:
Mattress, waterproof, bottom sheet, then another layer of waterproof and bottom sheet. 2 or 3 layers is good, so if your LO has an accident in the night you can quickly whip off the wet layers and have a lovely dry layer already made underneath.

RedOnHerHedd Thu 03-Mar-16 23:57:48

Take photographs of school letters as soon as they're handed to you and you'll never misplace them.

coffeeisnectar Thu 03-Mar-16 23:58:41

When you've cooked rice, pasta or potatoes fill the pan with cold water immediately after and it will just wipe clean.

Curiocat Fri 04-Mar-16 00:01:01

Microfiber cloths for everything! Less chemicals/ scrubbing smile

RudeElf Fri 04-Mar-16 00:03:06

When butter is too cold to spread on your toast in the mornings, I shave slices of it off using a vegetable peeler. Perfect to add a slice to your toast with no gouges in your butter or holes in your toast.

Reminds me of my toast tip. I put the knife between my two slices of toast (on the plate not in the toaster!) so it warms up and the butter just rolls up onto it.

Rainbunny Fri 04-Mar-16 00:03:22

Red - I like your butter idea. I have a butter keeper that worked brilliantly but we have recently reduced our bread consumption sharply (in the vain hope that this will reduce my dh's beer belly despite the fact that he hasn't reduced his beer consumption...) so the butter keeps going bad as we're not eating as much.

TheyreMadITellYouMaaaad Fri 04-Mar-16 00:05:02

Vodka shifts fresh whiteboard pen marks. When the kids get home from school with whiteboard pen stains all over their uniforms, whip 'em off and dab stains generously with vodka. Repeat after 15mins or so, then launder.

(Doesn't work on old, laundered marks.)

EElisavetaOfBelsornia Fri 04-Mar-16 00:10:14

This is brilliant! Where do I get biodegradable doggy poo bags from?

candykane25 Fri 04-Mar-16 00:13:41

Pegs in the pyjama drawer. When they've been washed, they can be pegged in matching pairs so matching top and bottoms get worn together.
Only a hack if it bothers you!

Rainbunny Fri 04-Mar-16 00:15:11

Any pet store or Amazon definitely. I'm overseas so I don't know if you have a Target store near you? This is the brand I buy - they last forever even though I have a dog who I use them for as well of course!

RedOnHerHedd Fri 04-Mar-16 00:18:46

Rainbunny, just put a little bit of butter in your butter dish and keep the rest in the fridge, it won't go bad as quickly then.

RedOnHerHedd Fri 04-Mar-16 00:21:10

Another one I love, when you've put bleach in your toilet overnight, stick the toilet brush in there and leave it soak in bleach overnight. I can't stand a dirty toilet brush.

RedOnHerHedd Fri 04-Mar-16 00:23:22

When you've got a couple of spare quid, stick a fiver in a jacket or bag that you don't use that often. It's always a lovely surprise when you find a fiver grin

PurpleDaisies Fri 04-Mar-16 00:24:04

You have a toilet brush red?! Haven't you been hounded out yet? [thats a great tip which I will definitely steal as a fellow loo brush owner].

Rainbunny Fri 04-Mar-16 00:28:11

What? Are loo brushes suddenly evil? How did I miss that!?

RedOnHerHedd Fri 04-Mar-16 00:28:40

Doesn't everyone have a toilet brush? You know... For skids???

RudeElf Fri 04-Mar-16 00:29:22

no loo brush

Qwebec Fri 04-Mar-16 00:30:11

green oinion go in a glass of water by the window. Lasts months like this. Cilandro goes in a glass of water with a plastic bag over the leaves. Mushroom: in a paper bag. Both las one mounth in a fridge like this. I got sick of throwing them away before I got a chance of using

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