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Printerpix - incompetence beyond belief - be warned

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ricwalker Thu 03-Mar-16 18:18:48

Relates to Photo Websites and who's good and who's bad

Please let me know if you've received equally poor customer service from Printerpix, so also please be warned if you are about to purchase with them?

I ordered a poster on 4th Feb for my wife's birthday. Expected delivery up to 10 days max in time for her birthday.
Since then I have had to phone customer services 5 times and e-mailed customer services 5 times, and not once have they had the courtesy to phone me back or resolve my outstanding order. You can't get through to the supervisor or manager.

It's now a month on and I'm still waiting for them to phone me back, and then I'm sure I'll have to further wait for the order to (hopefully) eventually be processed.

Only when I e-mailed (through Linkedin) the CEO did I receive a phone call, but that was now a week ago, and since then I've received no further contact ... you can see my growing frustration and general rage ... grrrr

I'm not one to post on Social Media, but I've given them enough time and days (2 weeks) to resolve my issue, and I've said I would resort to Social Media and they still don't seem interested.

We all rely on photo companies to come up with the goods, especially as the presents are very personal to us and the person we're giving them.

I thought I should throw it out to the Mum's of this World, as I know you'll be using Photo websites for family photos.

All the best all

lborolass Thu 03-Mar-16 18:33:09

Thank you Rick for thinking of us Mum's but actually I've recently had a very different experience with printerpix. I ordered something that came even more quickly that they'd predicted and the quality was fine for the very reasonable price I'd paid.

I do have one gripe though, they are now bombarding me with daily emails of special offers and other sundry printing related items

Bringmewineandcake Thu 03-Mar-16 18:40:17

We ordered calendars for Christmas 2014 through them, absolutely dreadful. Ordered November, turned up some time in January. Terrible customer service, have never and would never use again. I feel your pain OP!

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