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To ignore mothers day.

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SoThatHappened Thu 03-Mar-16 16:26:51

Im the family scapegoat, my sibling is the favoured one.

Always been that way really.

Last year my expensive present lay unopened on the table as she fawned over my sisters etc.

I've been through hell these last few months with personal and job problems and my family has provided no support at all. Not even a phone call to ask if i am ok. Instead just scathing comments about my reactionary depression and how they are worse off than me.

I am sick and I am tired of it.

I feel like not even buying a card and letting my mums beloved sibling do it all.

SoThatHappened Thu 03-Mar-16 16:27:27

My mums other beloved child that should say.

MissBattleaxe Thu 03-Mar-16 16:27:53

Sounds fair enough to me. Don;t bother!

SingingSands Thu 03-Mar-16 16:30:48

Or don't give them the fuel to flame you with. By which I mean, send a card and a small token gift. Then you feel you've done your bit and they can't berate you for not sending anything.
Up to you.

LagunaBubbles Thu 03-Mar-16 16:32:52

I wouldnt bother about a present but probably just send a card.

SoThatHappened Thu 03-Mar-16 16:38:13

My mum is a pathetic cow of the highest order regarding mothers day.

She acts like the queen on her official birthday.

One she got a marketing call on mother's day and she said "excuse me it's mother's day i cannot be disturbed and don't spoil it for me" & hung up.

I went away for the weekend on a uni club trip over mothers day once and she was devastated and miserable as she wants to be fawned over.

Im sick of it.

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