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Exdh 'lost' the house deeds Grrrrr....

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exwifeofatwat Wed 02-Mar-16 20:48:35

Aibu to be massively pissed off because my twatish ex-husband has 'lost' the original title deeds to the house I now own outright. When the mortgage was paid off some years back we received the deeds and it was a fascinating document. There were the original plans from when the house was constructed and details of the first purchaser. Now the house is solely mine, I wanted the paperwork to go with it. I know paper deeds aren't used any more and that it's all recorded at the Land Registry but I'm pissed off. Aibu? - I think he's deliberately witholding them to hurt me because he wouldn't negociate during divorce and a judge awarded me the house outright. I have no way of proving he's keeping them & will probably never get them back now.

Andrewofgg Wed 02-Mar-16 21:12:10

The Land Certificate is useless to him and you can get an up-to-date copy from the Land Registry - and for a few pounds you can get historic copies showing everything that was on the register at an earlier date. So he is not doing much damage by his silly attitude. He just has an obsolete and useless document with a lot of coats of arms of long-dead Lord Chancellors and a big red seal. If I had to choose between having the house and having the document and I got the house I'd think I'd got the better end of the deal!

TheImprobableGirl Wed 02-Mar-16 21:14:19

Fucking hell?! House deeds and a non-comply with uni?! Not surprised where the name "TwattishExHusband" came from.

Are you sure there is no new partner pulling strings behind the scenes since this is all fairly new?

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