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Government petitions are a waste of time

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SootyTheCat Wed 02-Mar-16 10:06:14

Just saw the response to the Meningitis petition. Over 800,000 signatures. I thought it was going to be debated. But its already been rejected.

I mean whats the bloody point in the whole petition system? Is there a single petition that has resulted in the government actually changing something, or is it just a big con to make us feel like our voices are being heard while really just going lalalala we don't care?

Samcro Wed 02-Mar-16 10:10:57

the government don't give a shit

sugar21 Wed 02-Mar-16 10:13:13

I could just cry My daughter has died and I've worked so hard on this.
I just give up.

ElenaSummer Wed 02-Mar-16 10:15:58

Sugar I am very sorry, my thoughts are with you .

Samcro Wed 02-Mar-16 10:16:05

so sorry Sugarx

sugar21 Wed 02-Mar-16 10:19:10

This is democracy !!!!!!
Not even a debate. Wasted my time FFS

FigMango1 Wed 02-Mar-16 10:19:41


Xmasbaby11 Wed 02-Mar-16 10:21:17

I'm not surprised with how stretched the NHS is, TBH. How could they find the money? But yes, there should have been a debate.

Voldetort Wed 02-Mar-16 10:22:15

Sugar sad

They're a bunch of bastards.

What would the next step be? Letter writing campaign to local MPs?

LineyReborn Wed 02-Mar-16 10:23:11

The issue is still scheduled to be debated in the House if Commons.

Last line of the report.

sugar21 Wed 02-Mar-16 10:25:58

I've and lots of parents have e mailed our MPs please do the same.
Whats the point though they dont care that children die. Ok so menb is rare but the bastsrd government are getting vaccine from GSK at £9 a shot.
Grrrrrrr I'm so mad

PatriciaHolm Wed 02-Mar-16 10:26:24

But it is going to be debated.

That report is simply restating the government position.

bumbleymummy Wed 02-Mar-16 10:30:56

The JCVI position statement It shows how they came to the decision to introduce it to the under 1s.

Shutthatdoor Wed 02-Mar-16 10:32:53

But it is going to be debated.

^ this.

DontCareHowIWantItNow Wed 02-Mar-16 10:33:38

But yes, there should have been a debate.

There is going to be a debate...

oliviaclottedcream Wed 02-Mar-16 10:34:05

Of course they are worth it. So is demonstrating and letter writing. Things have a cumulative affect and doing nothing absolutely guarantees nothing will ever be done.

ReallyTired Wed 02-Mar-16 10:35:27

Sugar it must feel so disappointing that your petition has been dismissed at this stage.

"The issue is still scheduled to be debated in the House of Commons."

A debate will happen. It just has not happened yet. Even if the vacinne is not rolled out universally there might be other steps taken to improve the surival rates of meningitis. (Ie. looking at the fact that many A and E units are at breaking point.) They cannot entire ignore such a huge petition.

I don't think that you have wasted your time at all. You have raised the profile of the dangers of meningitis. Raising the profile of meningitis will have helped raise money for research and parents will be better educated at spotting the early signs. Your actions may have saved lives already without you knowing it.

If your petition has saved even one life then surely all the hard work has been worth it.

LeanneBattersby Wed 02-Mar-16 10:37:13

sugar I can guarantee you'll have saved lives with the campaign. You have massively raised awareness of the signs and symptoms of meningitis. I thought I knew what I was looking for but I've learned directly from all the publicity that there isn't always a rash. I'll be more alert as a result.

Thanks for all your hard work, and I hope it gets a good debate in Parliament flowers

sugar21 Wed 02-Mar-16 10:39:43

Ok tha k you I am upset so not liking what I read
A&E saw my Daisy quickly so kudos to them. She wasjust 17 months and she died she died you see

scarednoob Wed 02-Mar-16 10:44:16

See also protest marches. When did they ever change anything in the uk, however noble?

IF the govt debate it and still say no, would a fund raising work? V vague but I was thinking of a sort of go fund me which could then be administered by meningitis now or a different charity to pay for at least some children to have it? My DD had the jabs, but i would certainly donate so others could.

oliviaclottedcream Wed 02-Mar-16 10:48:41

It is horribly disappointing OP. I don't mean to sound unsympathetic. But as Leanne said you've helped raise awareness a great deal. The wider implications of what you've been doing may not be apparent to you now. But things build, sometimes slowly. Your words and action have made people think. Not just the powerless people either (like me). You will one day - not so far in the future, be surprised.

sugar21 Wed 02-Mar-16 10:53:11

sugar21 Wed 02-Mar-16 12:04:38

sugar21 Wed 02-Mar-16 12:14:51

Read my poem please

evilcherub Wed 02-Mar-16 12:41:17

It's just to give the air of pretence that the little people have any say. Weird that the government can give £12 billion a year in foreign aid to countries that have a space programme but cannot provide for their own taxpaying citizens. Good to know we have a government that cares so much about its people.

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