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AIBU to be really irked by this Mum (school admissions related)

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Calminacrisis Tue 01-Mar-16 18:40:00

So, we live in a borough that has grammar schools and the usual 11+ nightmare for parents. DD is really bright and was encouraged to take the test. She passed, as it happens, but we are so far from the grammar she wanted, we knew she had a tiny chance of getting in and were expecting the school we got, which is the respectable comp very close by. However, the politics and competitiveness of some parents is genuinely shocking. I've just had a text off a woman who has never said so much as 'Morning' to me in the school playground, asking me which school my DD has got. I haven't replied but I'm really taken aback. I've written about three replies so far but deleted before sending as I'm struggling not to tell her to fuck off with her nosiness. Anyone else had experience of this bizarre behaviour??

Groovee Tue 01-Mar-16 18:41:06

I would just ignore it X

Osolea Tue 01-Mar-16 18:44:19

Yes, I got some wierd comments when my ds did the 11+. Ignore it as much as you can, it's nothing to do with you or your ds and everything to with their own insecurities and competitiveness.

ArabellaRockerfella Tue 01-Mar-16 18:44:29

Yes! We get that around here too, walk passed you in the street until they want to know what 11+ teacher you used!
Just ignore her, nosey %^&*!

TennesseeMountainPointOfView Tue 01-Mar-16 18:47:19

Ignore it, if you don't generally have anything to do with her, don't start now.

Admissions day does weird stuff to people - I don't have a yr6 child this year, but I've had two texts asking if I know which school my nephew has got (I do, but as I don't know who the texts are from, I'm not planning on replying), and one from my mother's next door neighbour telling me how pleased she is that her son has got his first choice and it isn't the school I went to. Why she thinks I'd care, I don't know - I left the school 20 years ago, and I live three hours away now!!

WorraLiberty Tue 01-Mar-16 18:50:04

How did she get your phone number?

TheSnowFairy Tue 01-Mar-16 18:50:39

The results will be the talk of the playground for a few days, then there will be something else to talk about.

As everyone else has said, ignore her.

And well done to your DD for passing, her intelligence will stand her in good stead wherever she goes. star

Calminacrisis Tue 01-Mar-16 18:52:04

Worra, I wondered too. Think DD invited her daughter to a party ages ago and my number was on the rsvp.

bibbitybobbityyhat Tue 01-Mar-16 18:53:40

I would reply "why do you ask?"

Ackvavit Tue 01-Mar-16 18:59:05

Reply "sorry we are out celebrating, catch up soon"
But do not say what you are celebrating or name school

Millymollymoo8 Tue 01-Mar-16 19:00:02

Just reply,
think you texted the wrong person, do I know you?

Heatherplant Tue 01-Mar-16 19:02:11

Think the reply should read 'I'm sorry I don't recognise this number'

Fourarmsv2 Tue 01-Mar-16 19:05:40

I asked a few friends of friends, but it was because I wanted to reassure DS1 that he wouldn't be the only one going. Maybe that's her reason?

LagunaBubbles Tue 01-Mar-16 19:06:50

I like Millys reply

mouldycheesefan Tue 01-Mar-16 19:07:45

Ha I love celetbrating comment!

bakeoffcake Tue 01-Mar-16 19:32:18

I'd just ignore it.

AugustaFinkNottle Tue 01-Mar-16 19:36:05

Another one here for ignoring it. If she asks directly, blank her or look puzzled and ask why on earth she needs to know.

FoxesSitOnBoxes Tue 01-Mar-16 19:49:39

How rude! On the other hand I'd just answer - she'll find out soon enough.

TheoriginalLEM Tue 01-Mar-16 20:00:16

I was thinking of asking parents what school their children were going to because im thinking ahead to when they ahve to travel on school buses and who will be her classmates.

Saying that, we chose not to enter DD into the 11+ and are perfectly happy with our choice of school.

Foslady Tue 01-Mar-16 20:22:53

Outing myself here but yes 11+ brings out batshit crazyness. My dd passed hers justs trying the practice papers at home. Friend who's dd passed with a higher mark after months of tutoring told me my dd was 'lucky' hmm

Calminacrisis Tue 01-Mar-16 21:20:43

Think I'll use the 'celebrating' text, thank you. Who knew it could all get so bizarre?

Ackvavit Wed 02-Mar-16 19:02:38

Hope it worked! brave out getting into any conversation about your kids school, progress or anything. It's all status and social anxiety.

isupposeitsverynice Wed 02-Mar-16 19:16:06

I too would text back "Who is this?"

LilacAndLovely Wed 02-Mar-16 19:22:42

Does it matter? Is it a secret?

Yes she's nosy but why the subterfuge? Just reply with the name of the school hmm or ignore if you CBA to.

Spandexpants007 Wed 02-Mar-16 19:25:17

It's no biggie. The daughters probably keen to know

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