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AIBU re booking table for disabled person?

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Cutecat78 Tue 01-Mar-16 17:42:44

Going out for a drink (not eating) 4 of us and 1 of us walks on sticks and can't stand for long periods and is disabled - not in a chair?

Rang bar as it's normally busy and tonight is Tapas Night. Asked if I could book a table so we can sit. Guy repeatedly called me "sweet pea" (as soon as I mentioned one of us was disabled but I could be paranoud with that bit) which enraged me to begin with - he said it's not normally necessary as Tues is not busy however it's Tapas night - (which I know gets busy).

I said well please could you book us a table anyway and he's like well we will on this one occasion but it's not the norm we are just a relaxed bar - so as a one off yes hmm

AIBU to request this and if so what do disabled people normally do I am genuinely asking as never occurred to me before - just not go out?!

BillSykesDog Tue 01-Mar-16 17:47:21

Yes, go out with my DD who has similar disabilities and is normally not a problem. One of the only times it doesn't happen is for things like tapas where they have a very quick turnaround and saving a table for a particular time might cost them quite a bit of money.

In those circumstances however it's normal for them to offer to make sure there are bar seats available if there is any sort of wait.

BillSykesDog Tue 01-Mar-16 17:48:30

But YANBU at all to ask, and they should have been able to offer more reassurance about accommodating the disability than 'it won't be busy'.

VodkaValiumLattePlease Tue 01-Mar-16 17:48:46

Hi I have a disability but not in a wheelchair and can't stand up for long periods of time etc etc. Usually I asked very nicely if it's a place that either doesnt take reservations or if the places does but for food only (they'll lose money if people are just drinking) and that usually works. If not (usually computer/manager says no situations) then I go out anyway and plonk myself down on a chair (even if everyone else is standing) if a tables not available. To me it's not a big deal

Chocolatteaddict1 Tue 01-Mar-16 17:50:24

Some places run on a first come first serve and don't allow booking a table, it may have just been that

GlitterNails Tue 01-Mar-16 17:51:01

I am disabled and always book a table if there is any worry about being left waiting - and ask for cushioned chairs, because sometimes the places have mixed chairs, and some are just wooden which for me = agony. Obviously I don't expect them to buy in cushioned chairs just for me if they don't have any, and keep cushions in the car for this reason.

Also sometimes ask them to make sure it's near the door.

I have done this at places that don't normally reserve tables, and asked them to on the basis of this (often I go out with three friends, and we are all disabled with mobility issues and chronic pain) and they have so far always made an exception, so you're quite right to ask this.

Cutecat78 Tue 01-Mar-16 17:51:21

It's not a Tapas restaurant per say - and they do reserve tables for food.?

Cutecat78 Tue 01-Mar-16 17:51:35

Bloody question marks!!!

GlitterNails Tue 01-Mar-16 17:52:19

Even if they don't normally reserve, they do have the duty to make reasonable adjustments for disabled people, and so keeping a table aside could be classed as an adjustment. Whether they know they have this duty is another matter!

Birdsgottafly Tue 01-Mar-16 17:53:14

I might have been lucky but we've always been found a seat, even if only for the disabled person, after we've explained to a staff member.

But being disabled does restrict what you can do.

Technoremix Tue 01-Mar-16 18:02:19

They will have a chair for people to sit in while they are waiting? No restaurant is going to refuse to let someone who can't stand, sit down??

MatildaTheCat Tue 01-Mar-16 18:07:30

It's tricky I imagine especially since you aren't even eating. If it's a casual place and prime time they could end up having to turn a group of people who want to eat away. Anyway,myou got the table so all is well. It's probably just very unusual to request a table just for drinks in a bar.

I have a similar disability and need cushioned seats, some places will guarantee a certain type of seat/ table and others won't and just say they will do their best. It's business I guess.

Viviennemary Tue 01-Mar-16 18:32:56

I think the guy's reply was reasonable. It probably wasn't their policy to book tables and especially for people who weren't eating. I'd expect a chair to be provided though. But not a table for a group of people who weren't eating.

YesterdayOnceMore Tue 01-Mar-16 18:37:58

I don't understand what you think was wrong with what happened. You called up and asked to book a table. He told you they didn't normally book tables, but would make an exception.

Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

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