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to feel traumatised by news reports these days?

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SickOfFeelingLonely Tue 01-Mar-16 11:16:04

FFS - click on the DM (shoot me now) to have a quick flick through the news and horrific headlines assault your eyes. Why, oh why do they have to be so graphic? Pixellating pictures does not help, anyone with the slightest imagination can easily see the whole thing.

Who does it even help to report these things? The guilty gets publicity and notoriety, the family get hounded and harrassed. Do we need to have it compounded daily what a fucked up, nasty world we live in?

The DM is not the only news provider who is guilty of this.


MamaLazarou Tue 01-Mar-16 11:28:37

I feel the same: I suffer from anxiety and feel that news reports are far too graphic these days. Some of the details haunt me for weeks or even months. I want to stay in touch with what's happening in the world but I wish I didn't know the distressing details of some recent news stories.

YABU to read the DM, though! grin

ThroughThickAndThin01 Tue 01-Mar-16 11:31:45

The DM is showing some truly grim images recently. The 15 year old being beheaded by IS made me sick to my stomach. He looked like my 15 year old. sad Still feel jittery about that.

I need to stop looking at it tbh. But yanbu.

ThePebbleCollector Tue 01-Mar-16 11:33:26

DM journalists seem to be scrolling through liveleak at the minute (which is a pretty much a more sophisticated looking version of what was/is) and making news stories out of them.

RitaVinTease Tue 01-Mar-16 11:38:19

Yanbu. I have recovered from 10 years of PTSD, and one of the first things I did was stop watching the news.
When someone comes up with a non graphic news report, I'll use that.

VertigoNun Tue 01-Mar-16 11:40:41

I was alerted to the Russian incident and was upset at the DM pixilated picture.

I haven't looked today, I will keep it that way.

ThePebbleCollector Tue 01-Mar-16 11:46:15

Yesterday I must have clicked on the DM story as soon as it was put up. They missed off the pixelation on the head on one of the photos....

Not that the pixelated ones are any better. If it was for identification purposes they could have easily removed that part of the photo, but she's been arrested so there wasn't any need at all really.

CheesyNachos Tue 01-Mar-16 11:57:15

it'sworse today, they have published mobilephone footage with no pixellation. I have complained before to press standards about pics like that and received the response that they could not take the complaints further unless I was a family member of the victim shown. Bloody joke.

eaudeparfumpooie Tue 01-Mar-16 12:06:00

Join Amnesty international and start to feel that you are helping.

either get active

or just pay your subs join and at least you will know you are helping.

and try not to fuel the daily fail.

MadSprocker Tue 01-Mar-16 12:11:21

I absolutely agree with you. I like to keep myself well informed, but in the end is there a real reason why people in the UK need to see the pictures of what this woman did?

SagaAndMartinsLiftConvos Tue 01-Mar-16 12:32:01

YANBU at all. I don't watch or read the news any more because it literally does keep me awake at night. I'm aware of the incident in Russia because it popped up on Facebook. Horrible, and I think there is no need for pictures at all...surely the (normal) majority would just be horrified and wish they hadn't seen, and the minority who aren't horrified and like seeing should not be pandered to confused

SirChenjin Tue 01-Mar-16 12:35:21

I agree. I've actually stopped looking at news sites and newspapers - between the horrendous atrocities, the endless sniping by politicians and constant threats of indy ref 2 I cannot bring myself to look at the news any more. Actually feel a whole lot better mentally for it.

GingerScouse Tue 01-Mar-16 13:33:12

The reporting of the news in Russia has absolutely sickened me. I don't want to read about the story and so won't click on the article and yet the headlines themselves go into graphic detail about what happened.

It makes me think about a campaign by one of my friends a couple of years ago with one of the supermarkets. They used to have the newspapers at a very low level, and his daughter was really upset by one of the front page pictures, which was pretty graphic. He ended up being the cause of a change in policy - they started putting newspapers higher up and out of the eyeline of small children.

Strokethefurrywall Tue 01-Mar-16 14:35:06

I won't look at the news any more, and if I click on DM I only ever read the sidebar of shame.

I cannot bear the news and have avoided reading any articles about it but still the pictures caught my eye and even pixelated, made me nervy and anxious. I have a 4 year old and I am having to actively divert my attention elsewhere so I don't think about it.

Given the atrocities around the world and the over sharing on social media and general media, I would rather remain ignorant thank you. Because there is no such middle ground now where I can understand what's going on, without graphic, overly political news reports, coupled with horrendously graphic images that provoke our worst nightmares.

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