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to at least expect curtains?

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CookCountyStatesAttorney Tue 01-Mar-16 09:32:41

We have arrived at what we hoped would be a lovely holiday rental to find the place filthy apart from freshly made up beds. DH called the owner to explain the situation, he was very apologetic and said that he would have the cleaner back in the morning, maybe she hadn't been there - he isn't local to check.

The surfaces are grubby, loo had hairs, sofa badly stained, windows all dirty, the floor had not been mopped and there are animal hairs everywhere. We aren't precious - at home our own dog sleeps on our bed but he's not here.

All of this can be sorted - it's not ideal especially at this price but we are where we are.

However - there are no curtains at all in this place and it is on one level. Our bedroom has sliding doors and our children (1 and 3) are sharing a room nearby so we'll all be awake at sunrise ( we are down under). He has offered to arrange 'some sheets' as curtains.
We are exhausted after journey so have to stay one night but I am wondering am I just sleep deprived or is it BU to expect guests to pay for a house with no curtains at all?

thebiscuitindustry Tue 01-Mar-16 09:41:04

YANBU. Yes of course there should be curtains and the place should be clean. It must be really disappointing. I hope you find somewhere much nicer to stay. Are you going to try to get a refund?

CookCountyStatesAttorney Tue 01-Mar-16 09:46:56

Thank you - we need to find somewhere else first. It's high season here and easier said than done!
It's a minimalist type property and the owner said his wife doesn't like the look of blinds!

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