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To travel abroad with a baby alone?

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Jellybeam Mon 29-Feb-16 12:34:55

I'm a single mother and I want to go away for a few days in the summer, probably in France with my DD who will be 7/8 months old.

I don't want friends or family to tag along I just want time with my DD. Has anyone done this before? And how did you cope?

eaudeparfumpooie Mon 29-Feb-16 12:40:39

Traveled all the time with my first on my own, love it, we had so much fun, and everyone was very helpful and friendly.

Be aware in Italy you will become part of families for life, if you sit still for over ten seconds, the Italians love a baby/child, still friends will lots of people I met, and this is from before FB.

colaretro Mon 29-Feb-16 12:46:50

I did a lot of travelling with my DS as a single mum, we had a lot of great fun! France is great as the train network is good and you can get around easily. I just planned it like I would have with any day out or short break in the UK really, do your research ahead and make sure you have your essentials packed.

Jellybeam Mon 29-Feb-16 12:49:45

Great to hear. I'm pretty nervous about travelling. Did you use a sling or a buggy? I presume a sling would be easier to get out and about

Artandco Mon 29-Feb-16 12:51:36

Of course. 7/8 months is easy. Throw them in a sling, give food and milk regularly. Get on with what you want to do

I travel lots with work. Both mine have been travelling roughly every 2 weeks since 8/10 weeks old. Really is fine. Pack light, remember people there have babies too so everything avaliable.

VoldysGoneMouldy Mon 29-Feb-16 13:00:48

What a fab idea. Good sling, good rucksack, and enjoy.

tinyterrors Mon 29-Feb-16 13:01:47

Go for it. It's much easier travelling with babies when they're that age, they're past the point of wanting to be glued to you most of the time but aren't yet at the almost mobile and frustrated phase.

I'd take the buggy,you can put some luggage on it if needed and your dd will be able to nap in it much easier than a sling at that age. Plus you don't know how heavy she'll be by then, my eldest was quite heavy at that age and I couldn't have carried her all day every day in a sling.

One thing to pack enough of is formula if you use it. There will be places to but it in France and the brands are the same but the milk may be slightly different and she may refuse it which is stress you don't need.

Radiatorvalves Mon 29-Feb-16 13:02:32

I took DS1 to france when he was 7 months old and DH was away for months. It was fine. We drove to the south (and bought a little house - but that's another story). In the u likely event your baby needs a Dr, as long as you have EHic you will be fine.


Malermalergoni Mon 29-Feb-16 13:08:38

Yes go for it. Not a problem at all. I've flown lots alone with my little gang. (4 kids) My top recommendations are
- a super light cabin bag with wheels, that is also a rucksack (cabinmax?)
- a fabric wrap sling
- a light stroller, pref with a tilt back seat for sleeping in airports or whatever.
-nurofen/calpol sachets for air pressure/ear problems in babies.
-a stash of 2quid primark t shirts (for you) to make laundry easier on the trip!
-get your travel insurance in check.
Just keep it simple, smile, accept all offers of help and ENJOY smile

Malermalergoni Mon 29-Feb-16 13:13:53

Deffo take the buggy! Not just a sling. You'll appreciate having somewhere for the baby to have a little sleep while you have a coffee/ even a little sunbathe/ dip on your own. Otherwise you may both end up hot and bothered

toomanypasswords Mon 29-Feb-16 13:16:18

I flew with DC1 on my own when she was about 3 months. Took the buggy, sling and a rucksack. I flew overseas to meet a friend, so wasn't on my own for the week we were away but I quite enjoyed our little journey together and it felt really special. I wish I'd been able to do it with both DC but the opportunity hasn't arisen and not sure I'd cope with a 3-yr old and baby!!

Artandco Mon 29-Feb-16 13:22:17

I never take a pram travelling alone. Yes it can be helpful maybe but I find it more of a pain than help. Many place abroad have more stairs, less lifts, thin pavements etc. With just a sling and a small hand luggage suitcase or rucksack I'm happy I can travel on planes/ trains/ taxis all alone without needing others to lift and move stuff for me. And many have little public transport spaces hence sling I could just sit down with baby rate he than stand balancing folded pram etc

There's are many ways around relaxing with no pram. I always took a large Muslin cloth and had small blanket for baby so could lay cloth down anywhere and blanket ontop and baby nap if I wanted to be hands free. At places like cafes/ airports/ restaurants I would just lie them on bench/ chair next to me. Outside at beaches/ by pool just lay them on sunbed/ mat or folded towels to sleep in shade.

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