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to hate the phrase "After Party"?

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Bogeyface Mon 29-Feb-16 02:33:41

Been invited to 2 christenings that both have an "After Party".

I thought that christenings had tea, or a reception? I have even heard someone refer to a Wake as an after party ffs!

AIBU to think that After Party is something that happens after the Oscars, not a funeral or a christening?

PortobelloRoad Mon 29-Feb-16 04:05:45

It's used incorrectly in all those examples. A reception/wake etc is part of the original event. An after party is when it's separate from the event.

For example, my DS's girlfriend hosted an "after party" for their may ball last year, different from the main event and not thrown by the original organizers, that is correct.

It's becoming one of those phrases people are hijacking and turning into another thing.

Did someone really call a wake an after party...jeez confused

echt Mon 29-Feb-16 05:46:32

I've only encountered after party as described by Portobello, that is after the formal/valedictory (we're in Au) organised by the school, the students have an after party which has nothing to do with the school; different place and organisers.

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