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To think about quitting this job

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kurlykkickingk Sun 28-Feb-16 22:58:05

I started a month ago.

I have no experience in the area but I have related experience. Ive started with another 2 people who are experienced.

Ive literally been thrown in the deep end. Expected to get on with it from day one. Woman who is training is completely condesending- points out things that even a 3 year old could work out like im completely retarded. But she gets exaparated if I ask a question on something that isnt immediately obvious.

Nobody is very supportive. Everyone there is experienced and knows what they are doing while im trying to find my feet while doing my job at the same time. They are also quite bitchy. I cant be arsed with immaturity and people who think the end of the world is breaking a fucking fingernail.

My contract hasnt even arrived yet. Been told it might be another week and if so I wont get it in time to submit some forms in time to get paid this month.

AIBU to be thinking about quitting?

maddening Sun 28-Feb-16 23:18:02

Is the job a step up from your previous roles? Will you get good experience from this job (from a cv/progression perspective) - if so I would stick at it - any step up can be a challenge and being out of your comfort zone eases as you learn the ropes.

When you say it wasn't obvious could you have worked it out or found out eg from procedural documents - perhaps they want you do do some more independent thought before you ask - sometimes this is a great way of learning - perhaps try more to look at it from different angles and when you ask show what you have looked at and considered before coming to them - when they tell you the answer ask where you should have looked and what you should have considered first. And write notes you can refer to.

Snowey101 Mon 29-Feb-16 07:35:48

Errr, seriously, are you me? I have been going through EXACTLY the same thing!

I would quit now, as I learnt last week, it won't get any better!

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