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To wish singers would bloody enunciate?

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PiperChapstick Sat 27-Feb-16 19:35:31

I don't really listen to modern music, but was just in car and Rhianna song (apparently called 'work') came on the radio.

It was so dreadful, I actually shouted at the radio. And I understood about 3 words she said. Why don't singers enunciate anymore?

I find the same with Ella Henderson and the many many breathy wispy-voiced songstresses.

Is it just me?

Sallygoroundthemoon Sat 27-Feb-16 19:36:35

I agree. Drives me nuts.

Musicaltheatremum Sat 27-Feb-16 19:37:40

No it's not just you. I hate it too. I sing in an amateur opera company and our MD is always making us enunciate words. You really have to exaggerate. My daughter is doing musical theatre training.. I have just seen her shows and the diction is is amazing.

EustaceTheDragon Sat 27-Feb-16 19:37:46

I don't think it's modern music. I can't understand 90% of Michael Jackson's lyrics, for example.

PumpkinPie2013 Sat 27-Feb-16 19:45:05

YANBU poor diction drives me mad angry

UndramaticPause Sat 27-Feb-16 19:47:06

I wish they'd sit on a note and not do the jelly neck hit every note under the sun bar the one that's been written

Narp Sat 27-Feb-16 19:47:08

Thankyou. I agree. Rihanna has a horrible nasal voice, imo.

And the fey breathy girly voices are unappealing too.

Plus, I wish they would sing the tune for a bit before deviating from it with vocal acrobatics. It puts me right off.

Narp Sat 27-Feb-16 19:48:59

X post with UndramaticPause.

I am currently listening to The Voice. Two men just slaughtered Beat Surrender by the Jam. They displayed not connecting with the tune or meaning . It was just noodly shouting

Narp Sat 27-Feb-16 19:49:37

No connection, not not connecting

Buzzardbird Sat 27-Feb-16 19:51:54

Very annoying. I have found it has improved since my stapectomy. grin

Getyercoat Sat 27-Feb-16 19:54:00

My personal bugbear is female singers from the UK singing in American accents.

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Sat 27-Feb-16 19:54:14

I'm not bothered if I can't make out some of the words. It all sounds a bit stage school if everything is enunciated in a proper fashion. It's just got to have soul.

candykane25 Sat 27-Feb-16 19:54:28

As so as yet another wispy girl voice advert comes on the telly I shout Fuck Off and actively boycott the product.
John Lewis take note.

Momamum Sat 27-Feb-16 19:56:56

getyercoat totally agree but want to extend it to any uk singers singing in an American accent.


MyBreadIsEggy Sat 27-Feb-16 19:57:43

I blame poor diction on the many many misheard song lyrics that come out of my mouth while I'm singing in the car.....
Take Justin Timberlake for example, in his song "Mirrors". I was adamant for a few weeks that he was singing "until I fingered an owl". Turns out he was actually singing "until I figured it out".
If only he could enunciate a bit more blush

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Sat 27-Feb-16 20:03:24

grin Owl fingering? I think that's illegal.

My kids happily say along to Kings of Leon "your socks are on fire" in the back of the car which I was perfectly happy with.

redexpat Sat 27-Feb-16 20:05:02

YES did anyone see that clip of X factor or Pop Idol or something from somewhere in Eastern Europe and the woman was singing a Mariah Carey song called Kenny Live. She meant I can't live (if living is without you). Everyone seemed to think it was really funny that she'd got it so wrong. I was the ONLY one it seemed to think that the joke was on Mariah and her piss poor diction.

Salmotrutta Sat 27-Feb-16 20:07:37

Actors don't enunciate properly anymore either!

It's all mumble and growl.

LoisWilkersonsLastNerve Sat 27-Feb-16 20:07:57


Iwonderwhy123 Sat 27-Feb-16 20:11:52

YANBU, it drives me loopy!
The only way I work out lyrics is by putting the subtitles on the tv and having a little karaoke (must get out more...) grin

usual Sat 27-Feb-16 20:15:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MyBreadIsEggy Sat 27-Feb-16 20:21:01

redexpat I remember her!!

PiperChapstick Sat 27-Feb-16 20:21:16

MyBread I'm howling laughing after listening to Mirrors and yes it does sound like "I fingered an owl"

SalemSaberhagen Sat 27-Feb-16 20:23:01

When I saw the thread title I knew it would be about this song! It's ridiculous but the chorus is very catchy

MyBreadIsEggy Sat 27-Feb-16 20:24:13

Piper so glad I'm not the only one! DH thought I was losing the plot confused

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