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"It's psychological." AIBU to think it's a lazy, cop out?

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Zariyah Thu 25-Feb-16 20:38:19

I shall preface this by saying I am supporter of the NHS and feel immensely lucky to live in a country where I can access health care that's free at the point of us. However, I am getting increasingly frustrated with how many people seem to get fobbed off with "it's psychological" especially where pain is involved. I have multiple health issues. Pain and fatigue are some of the main symptoms which I know are not visible and not measurable but they severely impact upon my life. I use forums and social media sites. I've noticed that many people (often women!) get told that it's psychological especially when pain is involved. These people often layer found out that they had another medical issue that would have been treatable had they not been fobbed off.

I've battled pain and sleepless nights, symptoms that were actually worrying but didn't seem to warrant any concern. I got meaningless platitudes about meditation and reducing stress at work when all it took was one scan to identify a neurological disease. The worst thing was that, for a while, I actually believed it was all in my head too and nearly gave up on myself.

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