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Shall I just kill him now?

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Iamnotunreasonable Thu 25-Feb-16 18:31:09

AIBU in feeling ready to get in a car, drive 2 hours and give my useless thoughtless shithead of an ExH some serious verbal abuse?...It was our granddaughters birthday yesterday, he didn't send her so much as a card (never has, nor her elder sister). Yet he is posting seriously sick making photos on facebook entitled "Share if you have a grandson you love with all your heart" because his daughter from his second marriage has a little boy. I'm not on facebook myself, but our daughter is, and he has her listed as a friend, so she sees all this garbage and is so hurt by it I could cry for her.

Seriously - how could anyone be that thick? I have the rage so bad I can almost taste it - and have nowhere to go with it IYSWIM. It's all very well listening to advise about being the bigger person, rising above it, he's the one missing out and all that shit. But really I just want to hurt him...I want to hurt him very badly!

What would you do?

OurBlanche Thu 25-Feb-16 18:33:54

Facebook back with a 'Share if you have a granddaughter...' then block the inconsiderate pillock!

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