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To want to send this text message?

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crabbiethefirst Thu 25-Feb-16 11:41:47

I have NC for this as I am a frequent poster and this may out me

One of my best friends has been feeling suicidial and depressed for a while now. I, like most other people in her life, had no idea how she had been feeling.

She threatened to commit suicide to someone last week. That person then called the police.

But this is the situation:

Friend had been calling and texting her for weeks trying to get her to reply. This person then started to reply and talk to her. And then apparantly when she was confronted over something it turned ugly. I cant go into too much detail to protect my friend but lets say this person lied to her about something very serious for a long time that has had a detrimental affect on my friends mental health and may well affect her future.

Friend had a visit from the police at the weekend because they had received a text about the suicide and they needed to check she was OK. Im not sure what they had been told about the situation but friend has been told not to contact her again.

But would AIBU to want to text her to thank her for her concern which has enabled those of us who want to support her to get her the help she needs?

Or will it come back on my friend?

maz210 Thu 25-Feb-16 12:23:43

What's the relationship between your friend and the other person?

Without knowing more detail I'd say not to contact the other person. In fact as they've specifically asked the police to tell your friend not to contact them I'd say they're making their feelings pretty clear. They might think that your friend has asked you to contact them as she isn't supposed to.

crabbiethefirst Thu 25-Feb-16 12:35:34

She thought they were good friends.

Thats what im concerned about. Thanks.

crabiethefirst Fri 26-Feb-16 09:12:10


BlueMoonRising Fri 26-Feb-16 09:24:37

I don't quite know if you want to genuinely thank the person - it seems that you at least in part blame them for your friends mental health issues.

If you want to genuinely thank them - don't text as if they are aware that you blame them it may come across as disingenuous. Do it in person, if/when you see them.

If you are being disingenuous, then don't do it at all.

OzzieFem Fri 26-Feb-16 09:29:37

Stay out of it.

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