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Delayed Luggage complaint

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yafflehill Thu 25-Feb-16 11:25:46

Am I being unreasonable to want compensation from Logan air after they lost my luggage for 4 days over Christmas? I travelled to the Outer Hebrides with my 3 month old son to see his grandparents on 22nd December. Logan air failed to get our luggage to us until Boxing Day. Essential baby care items like a breast pump, warmer baby clothes and medication for the rest of the two week trip were in the bag, not to mention all my stuff. The Outer Hebrides isn't the type of place you can just nip to the shops to get replacement items and it was only through the kindness of the community that we had the required equipment to care for my son. I spent Christmas Day in my mother's pants. Because I can't provide receipts for replacement items, Logan air is refusing to pay any compensation for what was a very distressing few days. Help me out here.

SistersOfPercy Thu 25-Feb-16 11:34:40

Sorry but I think YABU.
If you can't provide receipts their hands are tied. I don't understand why you didn't save them. Do you have proof of purchase any other way? Did you pay on card?

thecitydoc Thu 25-Feb-16 11:43:40

YANBU. A few years ago we went on an organised trip to Rome. The luggage was delayed by 4 days. I applied for compensation to BA and was offered £50. Another family of same size was offered £500. I wrote back asking BA to explain why their distress was 10x ours and received a cheque for £500. You should seek compensation not for replacements but for inconvenience/distress. A couple of years ago Jet2 decided to leave our luggage in Israel so that they could accommodate some bike - against their own policy. Our luggage was delayed home by 1 day - received £200 compensation. So always worth seeking compensation.

Katenka Thu 25-Feb-16 12:20:22

What exactly have you asked for?

Compensation for the inconvenience or for the items?

CooPie10 Thu 25-Feb-16 12:28:47

Well off course they can't compensate you for items that you don't have receipts forconfused

Lonecatwithkitten Thu 25-Feb-16 13:01:56

I am guessing that when you say 'kindness of the community' you mean you were lent items. So actually you have suffered no financial loss. Usually with delay luggage they only cover financial loss which you have not suffered.

ZiggyFartdust Thu 25-Feb-16 13:14:10

They can't repay you for your financial loss when you didn't have any. People lent you what you needed, wasn't that nice?
What do you want money from the company for? For the annoyance? Yes, its annoying but there is no monetary value on that.

yafflehill Thu 25-Feb-16 13:17:39

Yep, that's the issue. As there's only a small Co-op shop on the island we had to borrow items. And it was Christmas with limited opening hours. Getting additional medication took all day and driving round 2 different islands in gale force winds. I want compensation for the distress and inconvenience. Prior experience of delayed luggage was only 24 hrs: there were 3 flights in between that they could have got the bag out to us but didn't. I had as much as I could fit into my hand luggage but we all know how much we have to cart around with us with infants! Even that didn't fit into the overhead bins on the tiny plane that serves the Hebrides.

Oysterbabe Thu 25-Feb-16 13:22:00

They might offer you a small amount as a goodwill gesture but there's no obligation as there's no financial loss.

ZiggyFartdust Thu 25-Feb-16 13:25:30

Putting essential medication in checked baggage was a bad move, you should always have that in hand luggage, above all else.

weegiemum Thu 25-Feb-16 13:26:32

Unless you were in the Uists it's pretty easy to get to Stornoway for any items you need (I lived in Harris for 10 years). It's great the community helped you out. But as others have said you didn't have any monetary outlay so what exactly are you wanting compensation for?

PatriciaHolm Thu 25-Feb-16 13:53:45

No airline is going to pay for stress/inconvenience I'm afraid; they legally only have to compensate you for loss or damage to the luggage and contents itself , and they will require full receipts. Yes, it was annoying, but it's not their fault you went somewhere where it was hard to source cheap replacements, or that you put essential kit in the hold.

yafflehill Thu 25-Feb-16 15:10:43

Fair enough. I was looking for more of a good will gesture and and an acknowledgement of fault considering I paid for a service and failed to get it.
Thanks Folks!

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