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To wonder if any pull ups can hold his wee

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Pie80 Thu 25-Feb-16 11:05:18

DS1 is 6.5 and still not dry at night. I know he just isn't ready yet so am fine with him in pull uos until he is ready. However every pull up we try leaks. We switched to pull ups about a year ago and all they seem to do is make his bed slightly less wet. I've tried him in huggies, pampered easy ups, I even spent something like £1 a nappy for underjams but they also leak 4 out of 7 nights. We are at a point where we just want dry pj's in the morning, I don't care how thin or how cool the graphics on them are, all of that is great if it actually contains his wee. Has anyone got any advice please?

Flutterbywings Thu 25-Feb-16 11:15:58

My son is 6.5 too and is not dry at night. He has autism and epilepsy though so has recently been provided with products from the continence service. After years of flooding out of everything we've tried the only things that work for him are adult size pads that he wears in a special pant!

Our continence nurse said that the most likely cause of excess weeing at night is actually constipation and I've just heard this said on radio 4 women's hour too. Is that a possibility?

girlywhirly Thu 25-Feb-16 11:26:55

Is he making sure his willy is pointing down when he puts them on, because otherwise the wee is likely to leak from the waistband and not be absorbed?

Do you do the toilet-story-toilet again before sleep? This can help to reduce the total amount of wee needing to be absorbed, especially if he drinks a lot in the evening.

Are you sure he isn't wetting the pull-up after he wakes, rather than getting up to the toilet, and the pull-up is full to leaking?

NotQuiteSoOnEdge Thu 25-Feb-16 11:47:26

My son stayed in nappies overnight until 8. I tried pull-ups and they were useless for the same reasons as yours. He wore green overnight pampers size 6+ until he was dry. They were the only ones that worked, and handily, are massively cheaper.

We saw the enuresis nurse. She made DS drink LOTS more than he had been doing, no drinks for an hour before bedtime, wee teeth story wee, no weeing in the nappy if awake, and no stressing as its down to a hormone in the brain that he has absolutely no control over and will randomly just switch on. Which it did, about 4 months later.

Pie80 Thu 25-Feb-16 11:56:40

I have mentioned that his willy must be pointing down and the pull up is always wet so I doubt it's leaking from the waistband. We always double void before bed. We use to have a problem with him weeing when he was awake so we switched form nappies to pull ups to encourage him to use the toilet in the morning. At first I thought this was the case, but often I find him asleep in a leaked pull up.

ouryve Thu 25-Feb-16 12:01:45

They're not readily available in the shops, but try libero night time from Tena direct. The smallest size should be fine for him, unless he's a tiny 6.5.

DS2 has ASD and wears them through the day and they hold enough to get extremely heavy!

If they're too big for him, they do an "up and go" pullup in a size 7. Have never tried those, though.

Underjams are crap, btw far too short and slimline to be of any use to anyone.

Probably also worth getting hold of some bed mats for him to sleep on to catch the worst of any leaks, in the meantime.

Pie80 Thu 25-Feb-16 14:05:01

Thanks everyone. I have thought about going back to nappies - he is fairly small for his age so larger sizes should still fit. I'm just worried that it might damage his self esteem as pull ups are marketed as 'for big boys' ext. I already use bed mats which are great at protecting the mattress but pj's and bedding is still wet, plus he still gets a rash.

ouryve Thu 25-Feb-16 14:43:02

These are the up n go ones I mentioned

You can order samples of most of their products, so it's worth phoning and asking, instead of making a bit upfront investment.

Pie80 Thu 25-Feb-16 18:33:37

Thanks Ouryve they look really good. Any other suggestions would be appreciated otherwise thanks mumsnet for your help so far.

NotQuiteSoOnEdge Fri 26-Feb-16 10:41:04

With regard to his self-esteem, I really hammered it home to DS that at least 15-20% of boys his age still needed nappies, that it is utterly out of his control as its a brain function, and being dry and getting a good nights sleep and enjoying life were far more important than what he wore to be at night.
The school nurse also said this. We made it out as totally normal and no big deal, and it worked.

Bragadocia Fri 26-Feb-16 10:44:54

DS is a very tall, sturdy 6 year old, and at night the size 6 Naty pull ups work well - occasionally they leak, but once in a blue moon.

DixieNormas Fri 26-Feb-16 10:46:24

we use Lidls own pull ups on ds3 & ds4. Ds3 is fairly big for his age and they fit really well and have never leaked.

Pie80 Fri 26-Feb-16 11:57:57

How old is he DixieNormas?

QuestionableMouse Fri 26-Feb-16 12:36:16

There's loads of products here:

They also do samples so you could order a few things and see what works best:

Earlyday Fri 26-Feb-16 12:50:18

Lidl pull-ups are great for our 6 yr old. They never leak. And they're a good price too

x2boys Fri 26-Feb-16 13:41:43

Ds2 nearly six is disabled and in nappies day and night we get nappies from the NHS called Attends, they are big and bulky and designed for adults but we don't have accidents at night.

DoJo Fri 26-Feb-16 15:03:45

My son is younger than yours but he was regularly leaking from his nappy at night, so I buy Tesco Value sanitary towels (big thick things - 15p for ten) and stick two of those in his nappy at night. This has reduced the leakage significantly so might be worth a try, especially as it is such a cost effective option!

Twoseventhsaweasley Fri 26-Feb-16 16:33:31

They are quite expensive, but "Dry Nights" are much better than "Under Jams". They fit my tall 6 year old and only leak occasionally. I would really like to help my DS be dry at night because his 2 year old brother is dry day and night. Luckily he is not bothered so we will get there eventually.

imwithspud Fri 26-Feb-16 16:39:37

I was going to mention dry nights, they go up to age 12 I think.

DixieNormas Fri 26-Feb-16 16:59:02

5 pie but a very big, heavy 5 you. I've tried all the usual, dry notes, ampersand, Hugglescote, asda and the lidl ones are the best. We've not had any leaks since he started using them a few months ago

DixieNormas Fri 26-Feb-16 17:01:21

Bloody predictive text and children climbing on me. hope you can make sense of that post grin

very cheap too so if you have one close by they might even worth a try

Stargazing25 Fri 26-Feb-16 17:03:33

My son is 9 and still not dry. Hormonal issues. We use the pyjama pants size 8-15. They don't leak and hold quite a lot of wee.

squirrel76 Fri 26-Feb-16 17:06:47

Have a look at the eric website, they have lots of info about bedwetting and also sell products

Pie80 Mon 29-Feb-16 09:34:12

Thanks again everyone. I think I'm going to go back to nappies. I didn't buy any more pull ups this weekend and when I run out (tonight) I'm going to ask him to wear a nappy (I have some left over ones). If he doesn't object and he is dry I will ask him if he is okay in nappies from now on. I thought about dry nights and almost brought some, but they seemed more like training pants that might hold one accident when DS really needs something with the capacity of a nappy. If pampers don't fit him any more then I will try libero.

RedRainRocks Mon 29-Feb-16 09:44:36

I don't know if this will help you but my seven year old was still not dry at night until recently when we started using the pads for the bed, rather than pull-ups. She's had one wet night in two weeks. I found the leaks were due to her being semi-awake in the morning but... actually taking the comfortable security of having a pull up away, has meant she's up and off to the bathroom. It was her idea tho so that may have some influence on its success. Good Luck!

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