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To think some people are incredibly petty..

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NeedACleverNN Wed 24-Feb-16 19:23:37

I am watching nightmare neighbours next door on channel 5 and my god some people are pathetic.

An argument had erupted between two neighbours....because neighbour 1 was putting leaves in neighbour 2's garden.

Neighbour 2 called out the police!! to talk to his neighbour about his leaf littering.

Neighbour 1 then claims that because the leaves came off neighbour 2's trees, he was fine to put them back as it was his rubbish hmm

Seriously! Do people not have better things to do.

NameAgeLocation Wed 24-Feb-16 19:26:06

We used to have a neighbour who would trim a tree that grew into his garden and throw the cuttings back over our fence.

I understand that it's perfectly legal (or at least was at that time and place).

It was bizarre but we never commented. Not worth getting involved!

NeedACleverNN Wed 24-Feb-16 19:27:41

Trimming bushes and throwing them in your next door neighbours garden is one thing.

Picking up leaves that are naturally falling and throwing them in their garden because it's "their" tree is another

Sparklingbrook Wed 24-Feb-16 19:39:00

It must be exhausting. It makes me really glad to live in the neighbourhood I do with reasonable types that look out for each other.

scarednoob Wed 24-Feb-16 20:18:51

I had a client once who had fallen out with his neighbour. He complained that his wife suffered greatly with agoraphobia, but had forced herself into the garden to seed new grass.

His neighbour had then chucked down a load of breadcrumbs to tempt birds down to eat all the seeds. Which they had done in about 10 minutes flat.

Anyway, it turned out that there was a huge back story involving my client trying to block every single planning application and a lot of bad blood. People can be really petty -but it is often mutual IME!

I had another one where a family had moved in next door to my client and he came in wanting to see if he could force the landlord to evict them. Given where the family were from, at first I thought he was a bigoted petty fool, but it did sound rather intolerable - there were 8 children plus 2 adults in a 3 bedroom semi detached house, so the noise was constant, and the father made the children get up and start chanting prayers at 6am. The client came in to see me after an incident when his wife was doing the gardening and some of the children had pulled up the fence posts and chucked them at her like spears, claiming they were "hunting hippos".

(It was quite hard not to laugh at that, to be fair.)

MammaTJ Wed 24-Feb-16 20:34:46

We used to have a neighbour who would trim a tree that grew into his garden and throw the cuttings back over our fence.

I understand that it's perfectly legal (or at least was at that time and place)

Not only is it perfectly legal but actually a legal requirement, from my understanding. They cut a tree from your garden that grew into his, so he is required to return the cuttings to their legal owner.

NameAgeLocation Wed 24-Feb-16 20:42:32

Haha I wonder how many people have been sued for theft of overgrowing vines/trees.

You and he would have got on well.

MammaTJ Wed 24-Feb-16 20:51:25

You and he would have got on well.

Not sure about that. I was just stating the legal facts as I understand them, not saying he was right, in a common sense way! It would have been better to cover himself by saying to you 'I am meant to give the cuttings from your tree back to you, but do you really want them?'

LifeofI Wed 24-Feb-16 22:43:51

NNND the people are very petty but in general some neighbors can be petty.
I asked my neighbor upstairs if he could take off his boots on laminate flooring and his retailation was to stomp around in them and stamp on one spot just because i dared to ask him to be considerate.
Some people are just petty and pathetic but i do believe in karma.

MammaTJ Fri 26-Feb-16 21:54:27

My neighbour across the road really is bad. Perhaps I should go on this. They have reported me to SS, the RSPCA, the police, the HA who own our houses. That's all I can think of for now, but I am sure there are more and some of these are repeatedly.

SS, at least three times, saying me and DP are always drunk. They investigate, then go away. The RSPCA, saying my nearly 15 year old dog has an untreated skin condition. The RSPCA investigate, then go away. The police for my DP driving without insurance! He got stopped three times last year on the basis he had been reported. They checked it out and of course he wasn't As if we would be that stupid.

The most hilarious was when they reported us to the HA for my dog (yeah, the elderly one) barking in my garden! She does not bark when left lone, but when someone (their sons) hs a ball banging against our fence, she does bark. They decided to film her barking, but they also caught the ball hitting my fence. They still submitted the video to the HA, they got a bollocking, I did not. The first I knew about this was when she posted on FB about me getting way with everything and someone told me about it!

The man of the house whistles the theme tune for Laurel and Hardy every time he sees us, a reference to the fact that I am overweight and DP is skinny. On Sunday he did a slow hand clap while I walked from our car to our house, on the way home from a night shift.

I really take no interest in them or their lives until they draw attention to themselves. I prefer to pretend they don't exist!

RubbleBubble00 Fri 26-Feb-16 22:04:17

Exactly the reason I won't move to nicer neighbourhood - my neighbours are amazing. You can't put a price on good neighbours

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