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AIBU asking dh not to work and spread the flu and generally be more hygienic

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whatisforteamum Wed 24-Feb-16 12:04:16

"DH" has been coughing for weeks this happens most winters with him and he refuses to blow his nose so we get alot of sniffing which is awful.It seems like the mucus builds up and now his cough is so bad he felt like he was drowning mon evewhenever he layed down.
As he has previously had a heart attack i told him to see the GP who promptly told him he had flu and had to ride it out.He then insisted on going back to work for a half day and as he works 3 hr round trip away i said this was silly.He also thinks he is golfing at the weekend.
He told me it was "f ing better than staying in with me"
The teens think his hygiene is poor regards not covering his mouth etc.
no one is perfect however at 56 i would expect attempt to try and not spread it.!!
I have told my terminally ill dad whose golden wedding do we were at sunday (he insisted on going).Dad says these things happen.
I feel he is being unreasonable.

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