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To get rid of all of the baby stuff

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NickyEds Tue 23-Feb-16 13:38:03

We have a 2 year old and a 7 month old and mountains of baby stuff. I've seen a baby sale advertised in the Summer and I'd like to book a table to flog whatever we can. DP disagrees and thinks we should keep it all. We've more or less (him more me less!) decided that we won't have anymore childrensad.
After we had ds we passed all of his things onto B&SIL for our nephew who is a few months younger than ds. When we had dd it all came back to us along with bits they'd bought/been given. Of course I'm not suggesting we sell their stuff but I think we should separate our things out to sell. I also think we should sell the Jumparoo, bouncy chair, spare high chair-that sort of thing. DP is worried that his brother will be upset and that they'll be expecting to borrow it all again if they have another baby. I tentatively mentioned it to SIL and she sort of said that they might still have another so and hinted that they don't want to get rid of it.
Space isn't really a problem yet but when dd has grown out of more stuff we will struggle to house it all.
I need to learn how to drive and any cash would help. I also (and I feel like crap for saying this) just don't want to have to have all of it here. I've always wanted a third but we can't so keeping this stuff feels like hanging onto the idea IYSWIM.
We really get on with B&SIL and they're lovely so I don't want to offend them. AIBU just to sort it all out and sell it?

wigglebum84 Tue 23-Feb-16 13:45:07

If it's been used for 3 babies you probably won't get a lot for it if you sell, I'd just say to them if they want it they are welcome but it needs to all go and live at their house.

NynaevesSister Tue 23-Feb-16 13:50:46

Yes I agree with above. Talk to SiL and say that in a little while you just won't have room and you need the space. If they don't want to take it all then feel free to sell it.

If you are really set on selling it to raise extra cash then you are going to have to weigh up the money vs the social cost involved when you tell your relatives you're selling instead of passing to them. How that will affect your relationship only you know.

I did a baby sale and got about £80. Unless you are selling high end high chairs and cots you aren't going to make a lot.

paxillin Tue 23-Feb-16 13:54:52

Sell it. You will of course fall pregnant immediately after

MummySparkle Tue 23-Feb-16 13:55:29

I have done fairly well selling things on eBay. Groups of things like dungarees, summer dresses, jumpers all sold well. And nice trousers too. Anything else that didn't have stains on went in a big bundle by size. I think I made about £100. I now have a stack of boxes taller than me that I need rid of. Wish I had somebody to pass them on to though

ijustwannadance Tue 23-Feb-16 13:57:03

Ask sil to take back anything she wants to keep then get rid of the rest. That way you aren't left with having to store it all. Even if you have another baby in the future it's not like these items are hard to re buy new 9r second hand.

ijustwannadance Tue 23-Feb-16 13:57:23


NickyEds Tue 23-Feb-16 14:06:11

I don't think we'll make much at all on the baby grows etc that have done three babies but there are some seasonal things like snow suits, grobags, coats etc that are practically new because of the ages of the kids. There's stuff like my slings that I only bought for dd so only used for a few months, a Paca pod bag, loads of girl stuff we were bought new and the jumparoo that are as good as new.The old buggy and travel cot probably worth something. I had a quick nosey on e bay and it might add up to a couple of hundred quid- so not worth falling out about but really worah having, to us anyway!

MummySparkle Tue 23-Feb-16 14:27:46

Another vote here then for talking to your SIL and asking what they would like to keep / just selling the expensive things that you've bought. "SIL, I've priced these bits up to sell at the baby sale in the summer, just wanted to double check with you that there was nothing that you were desperate to keep for any future DCs)

futuremrsstinson Tue 23-Feb-16 14:30:31

If its a couple of hundred quid thats your driving lessons sorted OP. And possibly your tests depending how many you have and how much they are (when I learnt in the NW 5 years ago it was £25 a hour or £200 for a block of 10). I only had 5 actual instructor lessons as I did lots of practice with my parents so once I had the basics down it was just a case of practising.

Id give back anything you know your ILs brought with their own money. Anything that was brought by/give to you is your property no matter where it lives for the time being and its up to you to decide what you want to do with it. If they are lovely people I cant see them getting het up because you sold something of yours for £20 rather than waiting just in case.

Not to mention- what will happen if 2 years down the line your ILs have had another baby that has outgrown all the stuff and you have no room to store it? I imagine they will choose to sell it.

Artandco Tue 23-Feb-16 14:33:24

Ask sil if there's any particular they want, otherwise sell. You can't keep stuff forever. And if you do have another baby you know what barely gets used now so not much to buy

Ratbagcatbag Tue 23-Feb-16 14:33:25

Sod that. You could end up keeping it for years.
Sort out what they gave you, ask if they'd like it back, if yes drop it round.
Then explain you're doing a baby sale in summer to free up space/make some cash back. I think if you want to pass on some baby clothes fine, but things like slings, jumparoos are expensive and if you can recoup the costs you should. In our family, clothes get passed around, but more expensive things token cash changes hands. Why wouldn't you.

GloGirl Tue 23-Feb-16 15:28:18

Get rid, give them your old worn day to day things that you wont be able to sell.

Sell big bulky items at the car boot.

Keep a few "season" bundles if you can and gift when appropriate to when someone needs them.

eBay your slings.

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