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DD has suspected chickenpox - do I miss my fitness class tonight?

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EssCee Mon 22-Feb-16 17:02:26

DD (4 yo) woke up this morning with 5 little spots. I'm not 100% sure, but I suspect chickenpox. There's been an outbreak at preschool and we've come into contact with it recently, so it seems quite possible. She's well in herself though.

Now, I've had CP before, so thought I should have immunity. Coincidentally (or not!), I had a couple of spots develop last night on my waist. I thought they were insect bites - I tend to be very susceptible to insect bites, although I don't tend to get them at this time of year. They don't look the same as DD's (they are larger/more raised than hers, but are a little itchy).

I don't want to miss my gym class tonight. But should I?

WhereYouLeftIt Mon 22-Feb-16 17:24:39

If you have had CP, is it possible that you are having an attack of shingles, sparked by exposure to your daughter's CP? The placement of your spots is suggestive. Shingles is not contagious except by physical contact with a weeping sore <bitter experience>.

Gottagetmoving Mon 22-Feb-16 17:31:07

I can't see any reason to miss your class so long as your daughter is being looked after and you feel well.

MrsFrisbyMouse Mon 22-Feb-16 17:34:23

You don't develop shingles from chickenpox (though you can develop chicken pox from shingles.) It's unlikely you have chickenpox - so I'd go with coincidence.

Chicken pox spots are quite recognisable - do a google search - but basically a raised spot with a pus filled middle!

RumbleMum Mon 22-Feb-16 17:34:46

As long as DD is looked after, no reason to miss it IMO. There are mosquitoes around already where I am in the UK!

Buzzardbird Mon 22-Feb-16 17:35:25

By tonight I am pretty sure it will be more apparent if it is CP. Even though you have had CP it doesn't mean you can't have it again.

Although shingles isn't contagious you can catch CP off someone with shingles if you haven't had it before. So no would be the answer to your question.


Twitterqueen Mon 22-Feb-16 17:36:55

It's the same virus, which can reappear as shingles later in life. So it's perfectly possible that you have shingles OP. go if you feel well enough but be on the look out. If it is shingles you will need rest.

Buzzardbird Mon 22-Feb-16 17:37:15

Copied and pasted from NHS site

"Chickenpox and shingles are both caused by the same virus: the varicella-zoster virus.
In some people who have had chickenpox, the virus can become active again later in life and cause shingles.
You can't catch shingles from someone else. However, you can catch chickenpox from someone with shingles if you haven't had chickenpox before."

MrsFrisbyMouse Mon 22-Feb-16 17:39:02

Twitterqueen I know it's the same virus - but in the case of shingles - you don't 'catch' it - the virus is reactivated by internal causes to you - not re-exposure to the virus.

Twitterqueen Mon 22-Feb-16 17:40:43

And when I say 'later in life' it can be weeks, months, years.

My DD got CP very mildly at 7 weeks, and the virus reappeared as shingles at 3 months. the doctor had never seen someone so young with it! Luckily she was OK though they did threaten hospital. It was a ghastly ring of vivid spots and soreness from sternum, under her book, rough to her back.

MovingOnUpMovingOnOut Mon 22-Feb-16 17:41:18

Op could have shingles and her dd has contracted cp from her?

Op if you have something don't go. If you have nothing or a couple of harmless non-virus related spots go..

MrsFrisbyMouse Mon 22-Feb-16 17:48:35

MovingOnUp Not really - because to catch chicken pox from shingles you need to be exposed to the liquid from inside the spots - and you would then have to have the incubation period (7-21 days I think)
Also the spots from shingles in adults are really quite painful (if my Mother in law is to be believed!)

Twitterqueen Sounds horrible. It's awful when the little ones get so ill. Sorry she (and you) had to experience that!

Stratter5 Mon 22-Feb-16 17:52:47

You could well have CP, you can get it more than once, contrary to popular belief.

You cannot catch shingles from CP. The CP virus lies dormant in you nervous system, and can be activated by stress or illness. You don't 'catch' it. You can catch CP from shingles though, although it's not as contagious as CP.

Personally, I wouldn't go in case there's someone there who is immune compromised or pregnant. Not worth the risk for an exercise class.

Hissy Mon 22-Feb-16 18:06:55

1. I Caught cp as an adult from the parent of a child with cp. yes, I only had contact (shared an office) after the spots came out on his children.

2. is a gym class more important than your child/the safety of others?

BernardsarenotalwaysSaints Mon 22-Feb-16 18:17:14

These are DDs CP spots ( on her back, that came up this morning). Her brother came out in spots a fortnight ago today. She's really suffering compared to him poor little thing. Only 2 more children to go!

EssCee Mon 22-Feb-16 18:28:56

Thanks for the replies, helpful to hear the different opinions. I've decided to cancel my class, in part as I can't be 100% sure what these spots of mine are, and they could be linked to DD's, but also because I've started to feel a bit unwell with sore throat and a bit achy.

Anyway, hopefully I'll know soon what's going on!

In the meantime, it's not too awful for DD to spend half the day watching tv, is it?? We have exhausted the craft options for now, and I'm all out of ideas....already!

EssCee Mon 22-Feb-16 18:31:46

BernardsarenotalwaysSaints - oh dear, hope your DD gets better soon. My DD's spots aren't that obviously CP-like. I'll keep an eye on them and see how they progress.

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