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The crazy world of BHS returns

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OnlyHereForTheCamping Sun 21-Feb-16 18:40:32

Dd is going to be a bridesmaid and the dress specified is from BHS. I merrily ordered 2 sizes for click and collect. I thought it was be simpler to order both then try them on and return one in the shop.

I merrily turn up at the local store and instantly enter the Kafkaesque dark world of BHS. I am informed that no I cannot return wedding items at the store, I can't even use the post office apparently I have to use fucking yodel who demand you are at home between the hours of 7-9 or at work 7-7 to collect the parcel. I am beyond irritated with the whole shitest. And yes I am sure there are worse things going on in the world but it is a Sunday evening and I have spent far too much time in a ghastly BHS store trying to unravel their freakish returns policies. It's like they want to go into administration.

QueryQuery Sun 21-Feb-16 19:02:08

The website says you can return by Royal Mail. But it is incredibly annoying that you can't return in store. Bloody debenhams do this too if you buy an online item that's reduced by 50%.

fascicle Sun 21-Feb-16 19:14:02

You can return it by post, free of charge.!portal/403700000001001/article/403700000002280/How-do-I-return-an-item-by-post

OnlyHereForTheCamping Sun 21-Feb-16 19:18:17

No you can't return wedding stuff by Royal Mail

fascicle Sun 21-Feb-16 19:28:22

This says that you can:!portal/403700000001001/article/403700000002283/How-do-I-return-my-Wedding-items

shebird Sun 21-Feb-16 19:28:51

I've also just been through this OP and I was dreading the Yodel return fiasco. However it wasnt as bad as I imagined. I got them to pick up from my work and asked if it could be during a specific time period which they actually did grin

You have to go to your account online and register your item for a return code. Then call Yodel with the code an arrange collection. Maybe I was lucky but it was pretty painless.

OnlyHereForTheCamping Sun 21-Feb-16 19:29:56

I am v confused. Point 4 in the picture says you can only return wedding stuff by courier but the webshite says you can!portal/403700000001001/article/403700000002283/How-do-I-return-my-Wedding-items

shebird Sun 21-Feb-16 19:30:21

I agree though that it is madness not to be able to return to the store

OnlyHereForTheCamping Sun 21-Feb-16 19:31:11

Thanks shebird. I also had to spend 20mins on the phone to get a return code as the online thing didn't work.

icelollycraving Sun 21-Feb-16 19:32:19

I assume you can't return to a store if they don't sell the bridal range. Pain in the arse though.

OnlyHereForTheCamping Sun 21-Feb-16 19:33:06

Utter pain in the arse. The guy in the shop was very apologetic and agreed it was mental

Aridane Sun 21-Feb-16 19:33:13

Return by post - free of charge - never ever use store as you will invariably be returning something the store won't,take back

NeedsAsockamnesty Sun 21-Feb-16 19:34:20

I went into a BHS yesterday tbh it did look like it was winding down.

Noodledoodledoo Sun 21-Feb-16 19:35:08

I can remember being made very aware of this when buying wedding stuff from them 4 years ago - think I had about 3 warnings in the process of placing the order!

I didn't need to return things luckily.

OnlyHereForTheCamping Sun 21-Feb-16 19:36:51

I had no warnings, it's just a bloody dress FFs . I hate them .(caveat I am aware I may be over reacting but I have had a horrible week and work is a nightmare and I could do without this AND I hate weddings)

doughnutslikefannys Sun 21-Feb-16 21:12:33

This happened to me when I ordered two sizes of wedding shoes to try as I'm a 5.5 and they don't do halves.

I trotted back up to the desk with the bigger size only to be told that I couldn't return wedding stuff to store. Luckily (for me anyway), the very young, awkward guy who had given me my click and collect order had told me that I could return to store so I argued that and they relented.

jeremyisahunt Sun 21-Feb-16 22:34:18

Walking into BHS is like walking in the 80s (but not in a good way...)

fascicle Mon 22-Feb-16 09:31:51

To be fair to Bhs, some other retailers don't allow online wedding returns to store. And their free returns policy is generous - some retailers charge.

MoreKopparbergthanKrug Mon 22-Feb-16 10:05:42

YANBU. I can understand not being allowed to return a wedding item to a shop that doesn't stock wedding stuff but our local BHS does. I only ordered click and collect because they didn't have the dress the bride had specified in the 2 sizes likely to fit DD; still couldn't return the one that didn't fit instore - despite the fact that there was a rail of identical (well, different sized!) dresses right next to the counter.

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