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I know I can't say anything BUT...

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AnonymousBird Sat 20-Feb-16 22:37:46

Been on holiday for a week and PILs have had DDog. Which is great, they are good to do that for us.

Picked her up today and they said , she is limping, hurt her right hip it seems on Thursday. But don't worry she has had two more one hour walks since then but you'd better take her to the vet.

I don't expect them to take my dog to the vet, unless it's an emergency, but if she is clearly limping and they have pinpointed a sore hip why take her on massive walks?!?! And she is quite an old girl so missing a couple of days of walks really isn't any big deal!

Obv we can't say anything but both DH and I were like "why go on big walks" if she is struggling?!?

AIBU?? Suspect so.

SmallBee Sat 20-Feb-16 22:43:26

YANBU, at least I don't think so.
This isn't like they fed her too many treats when they should have.
They noticed something was wrong and walked her anyway, which could have actively made it worse.
If the vet says it isn't anything to worry about I'd let this slide but if walking her exacerbated the problem and they're likely to have her again I'd have a polite word maybe?

Armi Sat 20-Feb-16 22:43:48

YANBU, but as you say, you can't complain about it. Does your girl have pain medication?

I've got an old girl, too. There are days she needs her bed more than she needs a walk. Wrap her up warm and keep her comfortable.

AnonymousBird Sun 21-Feb-16 00:07:50

She isn't on meds, but is (mildly) epileptic so I am always a bit anxious about her health. She had a fit when she was with them, they have her regularly so know how to react and time the fits and so on.

They are usually great with her, and are experienced dog owners, but I really did wonder whY they would go on massive hikes when a) she had a fit which they know exhausts her and b) she had clearly strained something!!!!

She goes there again for a week in one month and I think I will have to say to them not to worry too much about the walking if she seems tired or sore and to let her rest her old bones if need be.

Thanks Peeps.

Adarajames Sun 21-Feb-16 00:21:42

Poor girl, I know how it feels o need a warm spot in from of the fire rather than a walk, hopefully they'll be more thoughtful next time (or drop her to me and I'll spoil her for the week instead wink)

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