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To Hate minecraft and not want to play it with my 7 year old!

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poppetsocks Sat 20-Feb-16 12:45:50

Had a lovely lie in after a horrendous week. My husband has been up with ds7, he's apparently been good as gold played quietly not bothered him at all and let him get on with his work. I get up and immediately am bombarded with requests to play minecraft with him, I am trying to drink my tea and eat my breakfast in peace and he's almost sat on top of me trying to make me play 2 player, it to me is the most boring game on earth! he will not take no for an answer and I am getting cross. I have suggested going for a walk, playing monopoly, doing crafts/painting/drawing but he's not interested. It is the same every day with him and is exhausting and I'm fed up. I'm fed up of being made to feel like a terrible mother for not wanting to play whatever he's decided I have to play, yesterday it was kissy monster where I have to chase him round the room trying to kiss him, when this game changed it was tickle monster (same) please tell me I don't have to do all this to be a good mum!

MrsGentlyBenevolent Sat 20-Feb-16 12:50:30

You don't want to play a game that involves running around with him, you don't want to play a video game that requires no effort - you want him to do what interests you not him. I don't think you're a terrible mother, however why don't you compromise? 'We'll play half an hour on here, then after lunch we'll go for a short walk/play monopoly'. Share each other's interests instead of fighting them.

Allyoucaneat Sat 20-Feb-16 12:51:00

Put a time on it. Say 'i will play for 15mins after I've had my tea but then I need to get on with X.'

I hate Minecraft too, luckily dh quite enjoys it smile.

MozzchopsThirty Sat 20-Feb-16 12:52:01

I don't play on the Xbox with mine, that's the whole point of it grin

VincentVanLowe Sat 20-Feb-16 12:53:51

Minecraft is one of the most fun games ever, so yes you are being unreasonable! Why don't you like it? Are you playing it on desktop/mobile/console?

neonrainbow Sat 20-Feb-16 12:56:59

I also hate minecraft. If he's been up for hours playing nicely alone he's probably desperate for some company. Why can't your OH play with him for half an hour?

AdriftOnMemoryBliss Sat 20-Feb-16 12:58:49

The best thing is compromise, he clearly wants you to play with so give him 15-30 min of your time, but make it clear it will be when you are ready, sanction him if he mithers you before then.


Nothing could persuade me to play Minecraft, not even the idea that doing so would make me a "good mother".

VincentVanLowe Sat 20-Feb-16 13:05:22

Fifteen minutes in minecraft isnt enough to do anything though! If you use it on the desktop, have you thought about signing up to a safe server for children? There are a few about, you'll just need to go through the rules carefully and be nearby to supervise. You could sit next to them and read a book or draw or knit or something.

poppetsocks Sat 20-Feb-16 13:06:37

My DH does play with him a lot, but this morning was working from home, I know he must be a bit bored and i feel guilty, i slept in far longer than i meant to. I just find minecraft incredibly boring, the music, the incessant walking about smashing blocks, maybe i'm playing it wrong but I just don't get it. He just seems to want entertaining all the time, constantly and a time limit never works he never wants playtime to end haha! We have now compromised and are playing a scabs and guts board game grin

VincentVanLowe Sat 20-Feb-16 13:32:25

I turn the music off, it irritates me too. Maybe you could try a different mode? I like playing in survival, and my way of playing is to try and 'collect' all types of block and biome. I build safehouses a day's travel apart, try to fill in maps, and I search around each area for dungeons, mineshafts etc. That's a fun way to play with other people. One of my kids likes to play in creative flat worlds, building pixel art structures or ships or castles etc, but I find that way of playing deathly dull. My other kid likes player vs player 'Hunger Games' modes on a multi player seriver, but that seems pointless to me. There are so many different ways to play it. If you have the desktop version there are some great mods, I like the farming type mods that add in more seeds to grow and types of foods to cook. There are some great mods that change the game play, some are for older versions of Minecraft so you have to learn how to sort that out. For example, look up 'Better Than Wolves', 'Millenaire' and 'Minecraft Comes Alive'.

neonrainbow Sat 20-Feb-16 13:36:19

But no it doesnt make you a bad mum to not want to be dictated to by a 7 year old. Good to see you reached a compromise with him.

VincentVanLowe Sat 20-Feb-16 13:38:59

Agree with neonrainbow, but also think minecraft is worth another look ;)

heronsfly Sat 20-Feb-16 13:45:40

YANBU, My dgs is upstairs at this moment playing minecraft on my Xbox, calling down every few minutes for me to 'come and play'.
I really have tried to 'get' the game and I just find it so boring with no real point to it all. addicted to lego Harry Potter at the moment

poppetsocks Sat 20-Feb-16 14:00:38

I have just had a little play on minecraft with him (PS4 version) it was ok.....still not my cup of tea, thankfully my dh likes and understands it and has taken over for a bit. grin

doublechocchip Sat 20-Feb-16 14:38:54

Haha heron was just about to come on here and recommend Lego Harry Potter. That's always guaranteed to get me to agree to playing on the Xbox with ds. Don't blame you poppet for not liking Minecraft I find it so dull.

ChoudeBruxelles Sat 20-Feb-16 14:42:10

I hate playing on the Xbox with ds. He knows that but he knows I will do other things with him (board games, reading, baking, crafts ...) what do you like doing with him

ihateminecraft Sat 20-Feb-16 14:49:21

I hate it, obviously!

poppetsocks Sat 20-Feb-16 15:03:05

To be honest and I know this sounds awful but I don't like playing, I do it of course and try to do it enthusiastically but I do have to force myself, it's mostly boy stuff obviously so if we're playing with his toys, superheroes for example I have to play act which I find excruciating haha! Console games, some are ok BUT he tells me off for doing things wrong, then there's the chasing, hide and seek stuff that is ok for 10/15 mins but he wants to do it over and over and I just get knackered grin he's a lovely little boy full of energy and I don't blame him for wanting to play, of course he does but I just sometimes wish he could sit quietly for a bit and read or draw or something alone, It's worse on horrible rainy days when we are stuck in, but we are planning on doing some crafts/baking later. Wish me luck grin

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