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to get a nose job

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MrsBimbles Sat 20-Feb-16 02:25:21

When I was 10, I literally had a run in with a wall (I was running away from imaginary daleks), and badly broke my nose. My Mum didn't take me to hospital as she said they couldn't do anything for a broken nose, it would just heal itself. I've been left with a nose that has a big bump on the bridge. It sort of bothers me, I'd really prefer it not to be there, but it hasn't really held me back (I've had boyfriends, been told I'm pretty, got married), but it bugs me as it's very obvious and I know it shouldn't be there.

I recently started kundalini yoga which involves a lot of breath work, and breathing through one side of your nostril and then another. I realised doing that that I couldn't actually breathe very well through each nostril on its own. I saw an ENT specialist who sent me for a breath analysis test, and an MRI scan. Basically, my nose is so fucked up that I can't breathe enough to get adequate oxygen when i breathe, and the MRI scan showed a big deviation of the septum on both sides, and he's advised that I have an operation to have the deviations corrected. He also suggested that I could combine this with rhinoplasty to get the bump removed.

The AIBU is that my whole life I've been told I shouldn't get a nose job. My Mum always said I was fine as I was, I shouldn't mess with myself for vanity. And my husband says he loves me and my nose as it is, that it's cute, and that he's worried that I'll end up with a freakish Michael Jackson style thin nose if I have surgery. So I've always thought OK, I'll never do it.

But now I'm thinking that if my breath is really comprised, and I do medically have big deviations in my nose that are affecting my breathing, then I should just go for it? And have the bump removed as it's not how my nose should really look? As if I hadn't had the accident then I wouldn't have the bump, and I'll just be restoring things to how my nose should have been, although it's been 30 years since it was like that?

I'm kind of really worried that my friends will think I'm really vain for having a nose job, that it will go horribly wrong (in part to punish me for my vanity!), but on the other hand I think it's a correction to a medical trauma, and if my arm for example had been broken I wouldn't think twice about getting it corrected.

Please give me the courage to just go for it! Or warn me off it if it really is a bad idea! [Sorry for the essay!!!!]

OddSocksHighHeels Sat 20-Feb-16 02:30:06

Go for it. You have to have surgery anyway to correct the issues that it's causing you and they can remove the bump at the same time if that's what you want.

If you want it doing then ignore what anybody else thinks. It's your nose!

MsMims Sat 20-Feb-16 02:30:59


I would see it as a correction of an injury, rather than a cosmetic procedure. Nothing vein about that.

NattyNatural Sat 20-Feb-16 02:37:55

I've had surgery on my nose to remove a bump. I'm still not happy with it so going to get it done again in the next year.
I say do it, you only live once. Do your research. It is v painful though

MrsBimbles Sat 20-Feb-16 02:47:59

Why aren't you happy with it Natty? Is it because it's not how you imagined it would look like, or because it's worse? I'm so worried about anything I do to my nose making it worse, as it's liveable with at the moment, though I just don't like it. It's not like small children run screaming from me, it's just annoying.

TealLove Sat 20-Feb-16 03:11:49

Do it. I did and it changed my life.

goddessofsmallthings Sat 20-Feb-16 03:15:43

Basically, my nose is so fucked up that I can't breathe enough to get adequate oxygen when i breathe

This will have an adverse affect on your health which can only become worse as you age.

Get it sorted it now and take advantage of the offer of rhinoplasty. As Michael Jackson's nose took numerous operation to reduce it to a sliver of what it once was, you need have no fear that you'll have anything than your exact same nose minus the bump when the plaster is removed, albeit that it will take a week or two for any swelling/black eyes to disappear - take a course of arnica tablets commencing a week before the op and for a couple of weeks after to minimise any bruising.

I disagree with Natty that rhinoplasty is a painful procedure but, in any event, I'm sure you'll be so taken with your unbumpy nose that you will regard any discomfort as being wholly worth the result.

What your friends may think is immaterial and it's entirely possible that some won't even notice as you're merely having the bump removed rather than an undergoing a total remodelling job. A friend of mine had a nose job without telling anyone and I didn't notice until she told me. When my friend pulled her hair back and turned her head side to side to show off her new profile to her dm with the question 'Do you notice anything different about me', her dm replied 'You've had your ears pierced' grin

it will go horribly wrong (in part to punish me for my vanity) this is an entirely normal fear that frequently accompanies surgery of any kind, and you can discount it completely as there's nothing vain about getting a problem with breathing through your nose sorted out and having an unsightly bump removed in the process.

I disagree with Natty that rhinoplasty is a painful procedure but, in any event, I'm sure you'll be so taken with your unbumpy nose that you will regard any discomfort as being wholly worth the result.

Don't forget to update your thread after you've had the op. smile

KingJoffreyLikesJaffaCakes Sat 20-Feb-16 03:24:52

Do it.

You can't breathe properly and breathing is really important.

LittleMouseontheDairy Sat 20-Feb-16 03:29:12

Do it. I inherited my darling dad's nose (very 'roman' - fine on man, not so fine on me). I was pretty self-conscious about it in my teens, and when I developed quite bad sinus problems I was told I had some issues with my septum too (I can't even remember what the precise term is!). I had a procedure to correct the issue and at the same time the bridge of my nose was broken and 'shaved' to straighten it out. So a sort of combined 'genuine' procedure and rhinoplasty.
Most people didn't really notice and I did just say I was having my nose operated on so might as well have the bump straightened out at the same time, which people accepted as perfectly sensible!
Years on I doubt anyone really remembers (or cares) that my nose is a bit different, and I've certainly enjoyed feeling happier with it.
The discomfort in the aftermath of the op (black eyes and nose blocked with blood so breathing is 'mouth breathing' for a bit!) wasn't exactly fun but it was fine with painkillers and just make sure you take a few days off to just 'hibernate' and get over it.
Also bear in mind that your nose will be a little swollen (not in an 'obvious' way though) so the exact new shape takes a while to settle in - don't panic if it all just looks a bit strange at first! It's partly your brain adjusting to it all as well. Totally normal.
Good luck! You only have one life. I told myself I'd regret not doing it because I worried about what other people thought, and I'm really glad I did it.

Katenka Sat 20-Feb-16 07:06:53

I have had a nose job. I broke it twice as a kid.

Do it. It's not really cosmetic surgery (although it may be technically classes as that). It's causing you issues.

I don't class my nose job as cosmetic surgery. I couldn't breathe properly. I do consider my breast reduction cosmetic. Because it didn't cause me problems, I just didn't like them.

scarednoob Sat 20-Feb-16 07:18:40

The deviated septum is a no brainer. My dad had that done recently after about 60 years of not knowing it was there (broken numerous times playing football!), and he is much better off when he gets colds etc.

Cosmetically, I would go for it like a shot. I'd love to have a nose job, I loathe my nose with a passion, but DP would go mad, says he loves it like it is the muppet. It gets discussed regularly. Friends I know who've had it done have just had a bump shaved off - and are all thrilled.

scarednoob Sat 20-Feb-16 07:30:20

katenka sorry to derail but I am even more desperate for a reduction, I hate my awful massive saggy old lady boobs. Once I'm done with breastfeeding, would you recommend it? My concerns are pain and scarring...

LuckySantangelo1 Sat 20-Feb-16 07:32:21

I say go for it. Had mine done 7 years ago. Was a great decision. I had no problems with breathing, I just didn't like my nose! It was pretty big with a pronounced bump and tip. I really didn't find it painful & my surgery was quite extensive. Yes I felt groggy and swollen and my face was very hot while it healed (and the sleeping upright...) but I wouldn't describe it as painful. Be aware though as it's such a delicate area it takes months to settle down after. At about 3 months post op it was apparent that I still had a remaining bump so I was readmitted for further surgery. This was nothing like as invasive as my first procedure though & had no down time.

So yes go for it. Find yourself a surgeon who does lots of noses and who you like. The guy who did mine was also a ENT surgeon so he really knew his onions.

gooseberryroolz Sat 20-Feb-16 07:34:42

Two friends have had similar ops. The effect is quite subtle in a 'have you been on holiday?' way. You wouldn't necessarily have to 'admit' to the rhinoplasty part of the procedure.

AnotherTimeMaybe Sat 20-Feb-16 07:41:06

You really shouldn't care about what others think, other than Dh obviously !
So what if they think you re vein? Do they have to live with this nose?

I've had it done purely for cosnetic reasons as it was covering my lips when I was smiling and I loved it!!!
I think your DM taught you a wrong lesson there! You own yourself you should do what makes you happy!!
Go for it!
Doesn't hurt by the way you just get swallen around the eyes

TheWhoreOfBabyliss Sat 20-Feb-16 07:48:20

If anyone asks, say you have 'finally' had to have it done. It was so damaged in the accident. They will assume the bump being removed was part of that procedure not a vanity add on, if that aspect worries you.
Get it done. It will be amazing.

Katenka Sat 20-Feb-16 08:17:07

sorry to derail but I am even more desperate for a reduction, I hate my awful massive saggy old lady boobs. Once I'm done with breastfeeding, would you recommend it? My concerns are pain and scarring...

I had mine done 6 months after finishing BF my dd. It was painful when I woke up. Then mess kicked in. Just sore for a couple of weeks. You can't go for long walks or strand for too long after. For about two weeks.

The scarring is minimal. Dd is now 11 and we used to shower together when she was younger and share a bathroom now, so she has seen me naked and she didn't even know I had had them done until recently.

The scars have faded to very thin very pale ones. Pm me if you want. smile

One of the best things I have ever done.

scarednoob Sat 20-Feb-16 08:20:14

Oh thank you!! DD is still bf and I'd like another if we can - but after that, I will be thinking v seriously about it, and will definitely PM you if you are still around grin

Drinksforeveryone Sat 20-Feb-16 08:25:10

Do it OP. If a surgeon is messing with your nose anyway then why not get the cosmetic side sorted at the same time.

It's your nose.

I'd have mine done like a shot but am a cheapskate.

I bet most folk won't notice. They will just think you look 'healthier' ;)

bobbilyknob Sat 20-Feb-16 08:29:39

YANBU. I am seriously considering getting mine done, and that would be purely cosmetic.
The only thing holding me back is what my family would say (they would probably think the world had ended - very dramatic), so totally understand that.
However as yours has been medically recommended, I reckon your family/friends would be more supportive. The aesthetic side is just an added bonus!

Katenka Sat 20-Feb-16 08:34:42

scared I have been around for five years, so probably will be here grin

I had mine done after my first as we weren't having anymore. Ds was a surprise grin.

I managed to BF him as the move the nipple intact. It doesn't always work though. They still look fine after BFing him although I only managed 5 weeks as I had to go into hospital and put in morphine.

MrsBimbles Sun 21-Feb-16 12:37:19

Thanks all! I'm going to go for it! I'll update with how it goes smile

NattyNatural Mon 22-Feb-16 14:13:03

disagree with Natty that rhinoplasty is a painful procedure

Goddess You can't disagree that it was painful as I was the one that felt it hmm

Op I am unhappy as they have taken out the bump but it's not straight and now my cartilage is more noticeable that it wasn't straight.

When you first come round you will be given strong pain killers but when they removed the stuffing after 2 weeks it's eye watering so take pain killers before you go.

Good luck smile

jemimastar Mon 22-Feb-16 14:19:09

OP I've had rhinoplastry.
One of best decisions in my life. My "old" nose sounds like yours with bump in middle and was basically quite "witchy" , my mum also was very against it (most mums will be, they think their children are lovely and perfect as they are and dont see our physical imperfections!) but can now see, years later it was for the best.
I felt instantly more confident. My love life improved 100%, mainly because of my confidence and not always trying to hide my profile with my hands/not be noticed etc., but I definitely look miles better now then I did.

You look like you've been beaten up for 1-2 weeks so need to rest up at home. Not entirely pleasant, but not the hardest thing just lying in bed and watching box-sets! I did mine purely for vanity, yours is also physical, do it!! Don't waste more of your life living with it, do it as soon as you can.

jemimastar Mon 22-Feb-16 14:20:19

Bimbles sorry just seen you are going for it!! Whoop. All the best x

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