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Tiisha Fri 19-Feb-16 12:25:39

I bought a pair of trainers for my son at the end of last year but because of the Christmas hols, he was unable to wear then until January. A few days in and the so-called Airwalk sole has worn off completely at the heel part such that you can see daylight through it. My son has only worn them lightly to school and back (we live near the school), is light in weight for age, does no sports, barely moves about due to mobility issues. Since we were out of time to take them back, I printed off a Fault form and sent them back to Sports Direct Head Office at my own cost pointing out that this has never happened and they must surely be defective to wear out within days. Today, I received back same pair of trainers (with holes in soles) and a note to say that they had deliberated with their so-called Airwalk specialist team at Head Office and decided that it WAS wear and tear and they were not able to do anything more. I am upset, obviously and they were hardly bargain basement in price (unlike quality). WWYD?

hellsbellsmelons Fri 19-Feb-16 12:41:40

Hopefully someone will be along with the CEO name and email address.
Bombard them on twitter as well.
I just do NOT buy anything from them anymore.
They are so so shite.

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