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pictures of our favourite things

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YellowTulips Fri 19-Feb-16 01:07:49

Inspired by another thread where I took a picture of my new make up, I thought it might be unreasonable to share a picture of our favourite things. Only joking :-)

So I'll post the make up shot for background and then something more personal and precious.

HaveIGotAClue Fri 19-Feb-16 01:09:51

You trying to sell something?

YellowTulips Fri 19-Feb-16 01:17:01

Not at all :-)

So here is my favourite thing. It's my old family bible. It's falling apart and knackered.

I'm not religious at all, but what I can't show is that it's full of history. We have a tradition that each generation adds to it. So between the pages are dried flowers my great great grand mother picked, pages of my mothers childhood drawings, a handwritten family tree etc

It has no commercial value at all but it's my favourite thing :-)

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