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Gap Clothes have really declined in quality

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bodenbiscuit Wed 17-Feb-16 23:48:59

When my oldest two girls who are 14 and 12 were little, the quality and styles were lovely. Now the stuff is unrecognisable. Has anyone else found this?

BikeRunSki Wed 17-Feb-16 23:51:09

I totally agree with you. Their sizing is all over the place too.

bakeoffcake Wed 17-Feb-16 23:57:34

Yes I agree. I've got jeans from there which still look good from about 10 years ago. Their jeans now are so thin and flimsy.

I do tho k you can still get some nice, good quality, pieces amongst the rubbish You just have to rummage.

GapAreUs Thu 18-Feb-16 01:17:50

Well I've name changed because of the shite I'm going to get but I love GAP clothing and still think its good quality but my ten year old refuses to wear it as its known (in their little culture of pre-teens) as 'Gay And Proud'. Not that there is anything wrong with that, although I am merely stating what I know and passing on so please no utter crap sent this way tonight as tired and off to bed soon.

WizzardHat Thu 18-Feb-16 06:40:49

I don't know about the kids stuff, but the sizing for adult clothing is all over the place. I used to have a great pair of jeans from there, so when they died I went for another. Even the ones that were supposed to be the same size looked massively different, and the differences in styles were huge. How on earth are you meant to find anything in there without trying on every single thing in the shop?

treaclesoda Thu 18-Feb-16 06:47:13

Yes, I also think it has gone downhill. I remember 20 years ago buying tops that were thick fabric and kept their shape. Now they are thin, wear into little holes and go twisty at the seams.

And the sizing is mad. I'm easily a size 14 (sadly) and in GAP size 12 jeans are huge on me.

My husband was trying on jeans the other day and size 30 waist fell down on him like clown trousers when in every other shop he wears a 31 or 32 waist.

treaclesoda Thu 18-Feb-16 06:48:08

I hadn't the heart to tell him that he hadn't suddenly got skinny but it was actually GAP vanity sizing grin

BernardsarenotalwaysSaints Thu 18-Feb-16 07:18:25

Yes they've really gone downhill. I have cheap t shirts from supermarkets that have lasted longer & washed better.

It's not just GAP though. Joules are as bad, I've got jumpers from them that are over 10 years old & they still look great. Yet I've just had to bin a couple that were less than 3 years old because of holes. The material has gone thin & crappy in a lot of clothes.

winewolfhowls Thu 18-Feb-16 07:24:15

I think a lot of brands are the same as many people don't keep clothes for long compared to a few decades ago, so are more accepting of thinner materials . Myself, I have t shirts I wore at college 15 years ago

lloydlf76 Thu 18-Feb-16 07:31:36

I think it's all brands sadly. Joules and Boden are the same. Clothes just aren't designed to last a long time these days.

bodenbiscuit Thu 18-Feb-16 10:35:57

I still buy Boden for my daughters - the jeans still seem very good and the nightwear. I would say everything was better 15 years ago but Gap is a brand changed out of all recognition. It's such a shame. Thin and twisty at the seams - yes I agree!

BornToFolk Thu 18-Feb-16 10:43:38

I agree. I wear a lot of Gap trousers for work as they fit me well (I find it really hard to get well fitted trousers) but I can only wear them for a day because they bag out so badly, especially at the knee. And in general they don't last too long.
I do still like their jeans but I've got several pairs of the straight ones, in different washes but all the same size but all different fits!

And they permanently have sales/promotions which is annoying, never quite sure if you are getting the best value for money or if you wait a week, will you get a better deal?

LadyIsabellaWrotham Thu 18-Feb-16 10:47:55

I think their vanity sizing suddenly took a big leap overnight. And the permanent sales get on my wick, it just seems like they're taking us for mugs.

Still like the clothes though.

TheWitTank Thu 18-Feb-16 10:52:22

Agree that their sizing has gone bonkers. Purchased a pair of size 12 shorts for a holiday last August, I didn't try them on as I am usually a pretty standard 12 on the bum. Shoved them in the suitcase, put them on on holiday where they promptly slid to the floor buttoned up. No way on earth they were a 12. More a 16. OH loves Gap and gets most of his stuff there, but I find primark washes better!

TimeToMuskUp Thu 18-Feb-16 10:54:25

I buy a huge amount of the DCs clothes from Gap and love them. They're very hard on their clothes, and skinny and long-legged, so the cuts suit them well. The women's stuff isn't up to much these days though.

BikeRunSki Thu 18-Feb-16 10:54:43

They don't do much, and they don't fo children's, but Howies clothes (jeans, chinos, t shirts etc) are very good quality.

987flowers Thu 18-Feb-16 13:53:59

I love their hoodies. I tend to buy from their outlet though. I do think sizing is weird though as I need a large in their hoodies and I'm only 9 stone and 5 ft 7 so goodness knows what large people wear! I'm a 8/10 usually.

Gobbolinothewitchscat Thu 18-Feb-16 14:00:20

I used to wear loads of gap jeans but agree that the quality is rubbish. They also go massive once been worn a few times. Got some Boden jeans and impressed with them so far

Children's sizing is completely random but seems tiny

ThomasSofty Thu 18-Feb-16 15:18:18

I agree, there has definitely been a change in the last few years. My Dh buys all his casual trousers from Gap as they do the length he needs, but they don't last long at all now. Thank goodness for constant promotions! I always find nice accessories in Gap, lovely scarves etc.

ifyoulikepinacolada Thu 18-Feb-16 15:42:47

Their usual clothes aren't amazing but I have to put a good word in for their gym clothes - really reasonably priced, great quality and they look good too! The rest of it just looks creased and a bit limp whenever you put it on...

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