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sick of this virus (warning - very minor problem )

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StealthPolarBear Wed 17-Feb-16 12:20:22

I have had a cold since 23 December. I say 'a' cold but I assume it's a few, I don't recall any days off.
I must have lost my bodyweight in snot. I cough like I have a 40 a day habit, to the point where my chest aches.
had enough. Bring on the spring!!

redexpat Wed 17-Feb-16 13:20:59

That does sound quite tough, but not life threatening. Have you seen a GP? Because that is quite a long time to have a common cold.

StealthPolarBear Wed 17-Feb-16 13:21:37

No not seen a GP. I'm generally healthy, think it's just bad luck.

Sparklycat Wed 17-Feb-16 13:25:35

If you've still got a persistent cough you prob need antibiotics to clear it up.

ChilliMum Wed 17-Feb-16 13:25:46

I had something similar last year. It is worth seeing a gp as bacterial infections can sneak in when your immune system is fighting the virus. I ignored it thinking it would go away and ended up needing 2 doses of antibiotics to clear sinus, throat and chest infections.

Schrodingersmum Wed 17-Feb-16 13:27:31

I have had hayfever since then! Tree pollens started very very early, I know at least 4 others suffering the same who are known sufferers

Maybe try an antihistamine?

Topsy34 Wed 17-Feb-16 13:40:41

I would try an antihistimine and see if that helps, if not I would go to gp

StealthPolarBear Wed 17-Feb-16 14:07:52

Hmm ill give it another week and then see GP.
I do think I'm getting better (but them I've thought that a couple of times)
I don't think it's hayfever.

Toxicity Wed 17-Feb-16 14:33:10

It could be a chest infection, definitely go to your GP - no point in suffering.

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