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Sick children

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PunkAssMoFo Wed 17-Feb-16 11:36:54

Was supposed to be meeting a friend with our dc at soft play today. Her dc are prone to d&v & last night one was sick. She said she see how they were this morning. This morning she still wasn't sure, but when the dc insisted, she has decided to take them. This happens often. I have lied & said my dc are under the weather & am not going. Soft play will be hell today with the bad weather anyway.

Aibu to be think if her kids are poorly & possibly contagious she should keep them at home? Or am I being too overprotective of my kids? She's lovely, but doesn't seem to be able to say no to her children- even when it's for their own good.

Izzy82 Wed 17-Feb-16 16:02:08

No, I went to soft play today and it was literally hell on earth.
Plus, it really irritates me when people bring sick children near my ds. She should have kept her children at home

olrose Wed 17-Feb-16 17:15:45

i agree, if your kids are physically sick or you know for sure that they are actually ill and not just feeling a little under the weather then they should definitely be kept at home!

Absofrigginlootly Wed 17-Feb-16 17:46:06

No wonder her DC are "prone to d&v" if she takes such a casual approach towards cross infection.

YANBU. Really selfish, there could be immune compromised children or adults there.

Doublebubblebubble Wed 17-Feb-16 17:48:49

^ I'm with Abso

SummerHouse Wed 17-Feb-16 19:03:41

I am with you. Its a bug bear (so to speak!) of mine. But I also recognise that I verge on phobic. When a mum casually says "oh he was sick everywhere last night" its all I can do not to shout "get the fuck out that paddling pool kids" - I know there is some a little wrong with me. confused

Doubleuponcoffee Wed 17-Feb-16 19:32:38

It really depends. Children aren't always sick due to a D&V virus, some are just sick.

I suspect millions of children with virus' are roaming around soft play though, not least those who haven't yet had any symptoms.

NeedACleverNN Wed 17-Feb-16 19:35:43

it really depends. Children aren't always sick due to a D&V virus, some are just sick

This... Dd had diarrhoea yesterday.
About 4 times but she wasn't ill. I had no issue taking her out and she was fine today

ChorusLine69 Wed 17-Feb-16 20:02:29

I agree and I think it's sensible for her to keep them at home for a day, definitely to avoid a soft play - how does she know it's not contagious?

My son was sick last Tuesday night and seemed fine by weds late am but my friend came over to see us on Thursday am, by Thursday afternoon I was sick and by Friday my friend was tooblushI thought he just had eaten something/ dodgy stomach but it turned out to be norovirus. I will be much more careful in future as my friend also has a young baby- was awful

Sirzy Wed 17-Feb-16 20:04:59

For d and v - or either alone - to be contagious it doesn't need to make you ill in yourself though.

Unless you are 100% sure of the cause and it isn't infectious then don't take your children out into public, especially not to a busy place full of other children.

Doubleuponcoffee Wed 17-Feb-16 20:55:10

Blimey if I lived like that my dd wouldn't have been out for the last 3 months! I don't have a problem
Taking her out the house. A play date, maybe not. But I'm but keeping her inside!

Doubleuponcoffee Wed 17-Feb-16 20:55:22

Not keeping her inside

ridemesideways Wed 17-Feb-16 21:13:22

Parents who take their children out less than 48 hrs after d or v bug, unless they 100% know it's not a virus, (and pretty hard to tell), are either ignorant or selfish. No excuses. Disgusting.

Doubleuponcoffee Wed 17-Feb-16 21:38:51

Ha! I'm not ignorant or selfish. My DCs are under 1. How are they going to pass on d&v from
Their pushchair?

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