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Celebs charging '000s for NHS health promos then demanding more cash for the NHS

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TheAlchemist101 Mon 15-Feb-16 19:27:53

Reported in the times today but the link is from an article that is not behind a paywall -

What do people think on this - AIBU to see the hipocracy? it's always someone else 'getting away' with excesive payments. In this case we'll more likely stop smoking if we are laughed into doing so???

The use of celebrities for excessive fees seems to be way over the top - Jessica Ennis advertising a current account?? Whats that all about! that was a private company so they must make the call on fees/profitability but when celebs speak at rallies bashing the government over cuts then charge multiplies of a junior doctors annual salary - how do they justify such double-think?

Turbinaria Mon 15-Feb-16 20:09:34

YADNBU OP - it's not just thousands of pounds but hundred of thousands.

So the choice between a GP practice or paying famous faces to promote something they are totally unqualified to do so they can avoid working in the real world...

ghostyslovesheep Mon 15-Feb-16 20:11:21

yes god for bid you pay anyone for doing their job

TheAlchemist101 Mon 15-Feb-16 20:29:23

"yes god for bid you pay anyone for doing their job" -ghost that was not the point, it was the hypocrisy by Bill Bailey and Shappi Khorsandi

so 4 celebs for £200,000 and two speak out on a public platform to decry the lack of resources for the NHS/junior doctors, when one of their fees for the Stoptober promo could have paid salaries for a year for two (50k for to juniors at the base salary)

ghostyslovesheep Mon 15-Feb-16 20:35:00

why Hypocrisy? They where doing a job - booked via their agent by NHS campaign people - they turned up and did the job they where asked to - and paid

It's like saying top surgeons who get paid lots by the NHS have no right to want to save the NHS because their pay is so high hmm

TheAlchemist101 Mon 15-Feb-16 20:55:30

I'm wondering if the famous faces were value for money? or is it just something that marketing companies push.

If a top surgeon offered advice on the NHS or for Stoptober I would listen as it would almost certainly be well informed and of value but I would not expect them to be a riot on Have I Got News For You.

I think its the combination of the NHS being not-for-profit, these particular celebs not having anything other than end user experience of the NHS, and being critical of why isn't there more money available.

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