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HoneyDragon Mon 15-Feb-16 19:17:56

<streaks through AIBU on a souped up segway wearing only tipple tassels and a fig leaf>

Tapirbackrider Mon 15-Feb-16 19:19:33


perpetuallybewildered Mon 15-Feb-16 19:20:17

Tipple tassels? Are these FB selling sites blinginess for wine glasses?

HoneyDragon Mon 15-Feb-16 19:22:20


I'm having way to much fun to worry about stuff like spelling Hun xxxxx

HardleyWorthit Mon 15-Feb-16 19:22:58

<Wolf whistles>

quietbatperson Mon 15-Feb-16 19:23:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PolterGoose Mon 15-Feb-16 19:29:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MajesticSeaFlapFlap Mon 15-Feb-16 19:31:09

It's before the watershed you dirty pervert

iklboo Mon 15-Feb-16 19:33:07

'Ere. Have you got a licence for that Segway young lady?! Bloomin' lark.

HoneyDragon Mon 15-Feb-16 19:33:28

I am not showing any norty bits.

<waggles tassels>

BreakfastAtStephanies Mon 15-Feb-16 19:34:55

And it's only Monday. Love it.

Ryanairbride1234 Mon 15-Feb-16 19:35:51


Gazelda Mon 15-Feb-16 19:35:52


MadamDeathstare Mon 15-Feb-16 19:37:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HoneyDragon Mon 15-Feb-16 19:37:32

Let's all get shitfaced on Barcadi and demand MNHQ give us avatars and tickers and a 50 second editing facility and a pet wombat called Gavin!

Who's with me?

HoneyDragon Mon 15-Feb-16 19:39:54

Just me then

iklboo Mon 15-Feb-16 19:40:35

<rips off Liberty bodice at the thought of wombat named Gavin & joins Honey Dragon on the sexay Segway>

Frusso Mon 15-Feb-16 19:42:46

Is half-term getting to you already honey?

HoneyDragon Mon 15-Feb-16 19:44:05

Just enduring Mnet is too crazy for the trolls dude.

It's a public nekkid service. And I really want the wombat.

Ditsy4 Mon 15-Feb-16 19:44:24

Teacher on half term!

Elledouble Mon 15-Feb-16 19:44:29



kaitlinktm Mon 15-Feb-16 19:45:23

<Also rips of liberty bodice and then glances in mirror and hastily re-dons it but still joins HoneyDragon and Iklboo in demanding Gavin the wombat - and also Ollie the Otter and a case of Babycham>

elizadolittlechoc Mon 15-Feb-16 19:45:24

Make sure your flaps are tucked in!

Gruntfuttock Mon 15-Feb-16 19:45:55

I can't believe you weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed all over MN! angry

Now come back and mop it all up!


Theladyloriana Mon 15-Feb-16 19:46:15


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