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To tell my neighbour

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FlowersAndShit Sat 13-Feb-16 11:59:18

to stop playing and singing at full volume to Westlife and Dolly Parton because it's my fucking birthday?

breezydoesit Sat 13-Feb-16 12:07:09

Hahahahahaha YANBU. Play something equally heinous

infife Sat 13-Feb-16 13:08:59

Buy an electric organ and have a full Catholic mass at 6am tomorrow morning?

dannydyerismydad Sat 13-Feb-16 13:26:37

We had a neighbour who bought a karaoke machine. She used to open all the windows and bellow along to "stand by your man" day and night.

She left her husband for the bloke who promoted the karaoke night in town. The irony.

MrsH1989 Sat 13-Feb-16 14:09:07

We used to live next door to a middle age couple who used to be a "duet" called "yours truly". They were truly awful!

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