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to think that just telling me I'm going to have 'Vodafone Covered' is out of order?

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Oddoneout63 Fri 12-Feb-16 11:27:01

Just received two separate letters telling me that two of my family's phones will soon be covered by the above policy. It states that when my next bill comes, the charge will be included.

There is no mention of how much it costs. There is a statement that Ts&Cs are included [they aren't]; along with details of how to make a claim [there are no such details].

If I have a change of heart - they say I can call them [presume at my expense].

Can they actually do this? I thought you had to ask for insurance etc as it's an add-on? I already have business insurance for the phones I need to have insured, but this insurance plan has a different name. WTF?

Oddoneout63 Fri 12-Feb-16 11:30:41

Additionally, all the links to any relevant pages about insurance or adding/deleting insurance are all 'broken'. Odd that.

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