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To not know what to call my daughter...

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LeLeFox Thu 11-Feb-16 16:36:36

It's been 2 days since we have had her and it's so stressful for me! I want her to have a name and feel bad she doesn't. I have a thread going in Baby Names and hoping that will get a name to jump out at me, but feel bad as DS had a name when we found out his gender.

How long until you found a name?

MaxPepsi Thu 11-Feb-16 16:39:19

My parents didn't decide on a name for me for about 4 weeks.

And even now my mum has a pet name for me which has no resemblance to my actual name at all.

What kind of name do you want?

What is your DS called?

LeLeFox Thu 11-Feb-16 16:47:14

MaxPepsi - we are having Grace for the middle and DS is called Fletcher

originalmavis Thu 11-Feb-16 16:48:39

I'm sorry - but we need a cute baby photo.

CooPie10 Thu 11-Feb-16 16:49:29

Grace is a lovely name.

scarednoob Thu 11-Feb-16 16:49:45

What sort of names do you like? Pretty victorian ones; long elegant ones; short funky ones?

neonrainbow Thu 11-Feb-16 16:50:20

My fave girls name is claudia i think it sounds lovely with fletcher

KingJoffreyLikesJaffaCakes Thu 11-Feb-16 16:51:14

Turn on the telly at random and pick the name of the first female character.

Okay, don't. But it might give you ideas and it would be an amusing game...

99percentchocolate Thu 11-Feb-16 16:52:01

Imogen? Desperately wanted it for this baby but turns out we are having a boy and I won't be having any more babies after this.

operaha Thu 11-Feb-16 16:52:24

Have my "if I ever have another daughter" name.... Violet grin

acasualobserver Thu 11-Feb-16 16:53:03

Since you can't decide, you could call her Enigma.

TheWernethWife Thu 11-Feb-16 16:58:34

Iris or Violet are nice

PennyHasNoSurname Thu 11-Feb-16 17:00:10

Evelyn Grace
Penny Grace
Nia Grace

Oysterbabe Thu 11-Feb-16 17:00:35

My beautiful new baby is called Heidi if it helps.

rewardformissingmojo Thu 11-Feb-16 17:01:34

Laura Grace..

PotteringAlong Thu 11-Feb-16 17:01:35

Eleanor grace
Annabel grace
Iris grace

LeLeFox Thu 11-Feb-16 17:01:36

Thank you for the suggestions :3 really like Claudia! Here's the pic

PurpleVauxhall Thu 11-Feb-16 17:03:56


99percentchocolate Thu 11-Feb-16 17:05:25

Beautiful girl! Definitely looks like Claidia, Imogen, or Isobel

CooPie10 Thu 11-Feb-16 17:05:25

Aw they are both adorable!

whattodowiththepoo Thu 11-Feb-16 17:05:27


99percentchocolate Thu 11-Feb-16 17:05:33


GreatFuckability Thu 11-Feb-16 17:06:11

beautiful! Why not Grace as the first name?

MitzyLeFrouf Thu 11-Feb-16 17:09:31


pictish Thu 11-Feb-16 17:09:39

About a week for all 3.

How about Lydia? I like the name Lydia just now.

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