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To take my son out of nursery for this?

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Ladyrainacorn Wed 10-Feb-16 19:58:08

I was in the bath the other week and my son pointed to my genitals and said "that's your brains" then a week or so later said this is his brains, pointing to his crotch. Yesterday he came home from nursery and said "my brains hurting" i said "do you mean your scrotum?" he said "yes scrotum and brains" I said "you have a penis" he said "yes my brains in my penis".
Today I told nursery about this as I thought maybe an adult thought it would be funny to call a male's genitals a penis ... weird sexual connotations for a 3 year old. They were suitably horrified that I had suggested it was an adult. There is no where else that my son would have heard this but at nursery. They said they would listen out for anything but were adamant it wouldn't have been an adult staff member.

This evening we came home and my son had a poo on the potty, he stood up and i took the potty and put it in the toilet. He said to me as I came back "don't play with my wee wee mummy" I said "I wasn't playing with your wee wee I was putting it in the toilet" he said "No don't play with my wee wee on my willy" I asked him a few times what he meant, he said he didn't want to be wiped eventually. I asked him several times in different ways if someone had touched his penis/willy in nursery, any of the children or his friends? He said no a lot.

This has me all very paranoid and upset. AIBU?

GernotMinke Wed 10-Feb-16 20:01:16

I think UABU

But I'm not sure what you are worried about???

Are you upset because you think one of the workers called his nuts, brains?

I wouldn't have jumped to the conclusion that he has been touched, after the conversation you describe

MoreSnowPlease Wed 10-Feb-16 20:06:38

My first thought would be that an adult (any adult) had used the expression 'his brain is in his penis' around him while gossiping about a male?

It's so hard because nursery will never admit to it even if it was them. I don't think I would take my son out, would just let them know I was on to it and discuss things with him at home without leading him into saying something just to stop me asking, which is the risk you run by making suggestions that he heard it at nursery!

NewLife4Me Wed 10-Feb-16 20:13:56

It may have come from a child who has over heard his own parents saying this.
He'll be coming home saying all sorts that other kids say.
Listen out for "Shit for brains" grin

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