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to be annoyed that nursery have withdrawn my childcare provision

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umptyflump Wed 10-Feb-16 18:09:57

DS2 aged two goes to school nursery one day a week, which I pay for while I work. I cram in another couple of days over the course of a week, over part of two further days and some evening and weekend work. It is a really small school and they have only just started doing two year old places (six months ago). DS has been there from the start of that (and is the only child who has been there that long). Today they told me that as of a week on Monday, the place on a Monday is unavailable as they are not employing the person on that day as some parents' hours have changed and there's now no demand for the places. The alternative days don't work for me, as part of two days I have cover from family which fits in with their and my commitments, the other two I don't work and DS has activities. I need cover on Monday. I said I might be able to move to Thursday if I can persuade FIL/MIL to move to Monday, but MIL works on a Monday. Apparently they will try but it is full. AIBU to be fucking furious annoyed? In the interests of not drip feeding, the head and I disagree on quite a few issues as she's not keen on points of view that differ from her own However it isn't personal smile DS will start pre-school nursery at the school in September.

IoraRua Wed 10-Feb-16 18:13:09

Well, if they don't have enough demand that's that I'm afraid, they can hardly keep on extra staff just to cater to you.

They haven't given you a whole lot of notice though I think. May be wrong though.

Artandco Wed 10-Feb-16 18:13:24

It's a nursery, they have to make a profit. They can't one one child one one day a week so are rescheduling. Hence the notice. It's annoying but perfectly reasonable

Have you considered an aupair? They could do that day and 1/2 another whilst you work. They aren't qualified like a nanny but for 1 1/2 days they are fine to take little one to toddler group or to the park etc locally

umptyflump Wed 10-Feb-16 18:30:01

I know they aren't there to cater just for me, but it is a small school and the whole thing was designed as a loss leader in a sense, to stop parents sending children to nursery elsewhere and them naturally drifting to school there. The demand was there before, but the twos turned three.

umptyflump Wed 10-Feb-16 18:30:14

I know they aren't there to cater just for me, but it is a small school and the whole thing was designed as a loss leader in a sense, to stop parents sending children to nursery elsewhere and them naturally drifting to school there. The demand was there before, but the twos turned three.

willowsummers Wed 10-Feb-16 18:32:48

A week on Monday shock


umptyflump Wed 10-Feb-16 18:32:58

Au pair not really an option. I have looked into it, but even the small amount required for pocket money would be too much. Plus we are a long way from things, so it wouldn't be that attractive a prospect. And the only room spare is my office.

umptyflump Wed 10-Feb-16 18:33:57

The notice is a problem - I have work/meetings lined up for those days and will struggle to get sorted in time.

jay55 Wed 10-Feb-16 18:34:56

Do they really only have to give such short notice?

willowsummers Wed 10-Feb-16 18:35:13

Plus, in fairness, I think you might struggle to find an au pair in ten days!

umptyflump Wed 10-Feb-16 18:37:39

I don't know what notice they are required to give - I'm willing to bet they haven't thought of that. It is a school nursery (and I may be wrong on this) so there aren't contracts as such. I could withdraw DS without notice to be fair.

GiddyOnZackHunt Wed 10-Feb-16 18:38:09


umptyflump Wed 10-Feb-16 18:40:03

Contacted the only childminder in the area. Last time I asked, there were no spaces. She's getting back to me.

umptyflump Wed 10-Feb-16 18:43:34

DS loves nursery. He'll be devastated if he can't go. I probably rather move him to the Thursday rather than him lose out, but if they are saying it is full and no-one else will move what can I do? I do think that he should have been prioritised for a space on the Thursday as he's been there a long time rather than admitting new people. But I don't know if that is BU.

umptyflump Wed 10-Feb-16 18:44:03

*would probably rather

Twowrongsdontmakearight Wed 10-Feb-16 18:44:49

That is ridiculously short notice. Are there any others being affected that you could buddy up with and share till you get alternative childcare sorted.

umptyflump Wed 10-Feb-16 18:46:08

No just me Twowrongs. Although I can't really understand how, as there were 6 - 8 kids there on Monday.

BrandNewAndImproved Wed 10-Feb-16 18:51:06

I wonder if they've told you all the same story about everyone else now moving days... Can you speak to the other parents?

umptyflump Wed 10-Feb-16 18:53:36

I will be asking around Brandnew.

Karoleann Wed 10-Feb-16 19:21:46

What does your contract say? I'm pretty sure that they need to give you more notice than they have.

AvaLeStrange Wed 10-Feb-16 19:26:02

Is your DS' place a 2ye funded one or one that you pay for privately? If the former and it's an LEA maintained school I would have thought they are on dubious ground tbh.

You need to ask if they have copies of policies regarding this kind of thing in the first instance and take it from there.

I guess they can't employ someone on a Monday purely to care for your DS, but it does all sound rather odd and unlikely.

PegsPigs Wed 10-Feb-16 19:30:03

Monday is the busiest day for childcare round our way so very surprised they're withdrawing that day and at such short notice. YANBU

Ragusa Wed 10-Feb-16 19:32:59

This sounds like a 2 yr old disadvantage school nursery place.

It's really hard for you but on the other hand schools are hardly rolling in funding and in many the nursery is heavily cross subsidised from the main bit of school funding. Very small schools' budgets can be particularly precarious.

Lightbulbon Wed 10-Feb-16 19:35:49

Contact your councillors or MP this is ridiculous!

littleducks Wed 10-Feb-16 19:38:40

I think withdrawing the place is reasonable in the circumstances buy the notice is redicolous. Basically after half term no space?

I wouldn't have thought a school could do that

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