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umwanted gifts

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PottyLorryLuck Wed 10-Feb-16 17:07:34

Maybe aibu here but it was my birthday at the weekend and I was given some unwanted gifts. When asked what I wanted for my birthday I made clear I didn't want anything, other than a card made by the dcs.

So dm went out and bought me a Myleene Klass jacket, it is pretty hideous and not something I'd ever choose. There are no tags or receipts so I can't return it, so effectively it's just a waste. I can donate to a charity shop but not sure who'd want it grin

Mil bought me a weird biscuit tin! I'd have thought if you wanted to buy a present after someone asked you not to it would be some cheap chocolates or wine but hey ho.

Aibu and maybe very ungrateful? I have suggested no presents or cheap generic ones in the past too but maybe they like choosing...what do I know!

Here's the cape thing (if anyone wants it I'll post grin)

LindyHemming Wed 10-Feb-16 17:08:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Nanasueathome Wed 10-Feb-16 17:10:52

I had a look at the link
19 people are watching it and several have bought in the last 48hours (apparently)

TitClash Wed 10-Feb-16 17:11:56

I honestly dont understand why people do this. I would be upset if I gave someone a gift and they didnt like it. It would show me how little I knew them. To me, unwanted possessions are a burden, I cant stand clutter and tat!

YANBU or ungrateful. If you dont need anything, why go buy something expensive or 'personal' in taste?

I agree with Euphemia. Get rid. Someone else can benefit.

RaisingSteam Wed 10-Feb-16 17:13:00

It will be all the MNers looking-!
Could your DM have bought it for herself and changed her mind?

cornishglos Wed 10-Feb-16 17:14:35

I quite like it, but I am with you on the gifts. I would much rather get chocolates/ flowers/ wine/ vouchers than random stuff I won't use. The waste and pointlessness makes me feel really uncomfortable.

Muskateersmummy Wed 10-Feb-16 17:14:41

Those capes are really popular so I'm pretty sure you could eBay or regift easily.

To be honest I think it's a bit unreasonable. Personally I hate when people say they want nothing, because you always want to give something to your nearest and dearest on their birthday, if you don't give any ideas of things you might like, you will end up with stuff you don't like. Your dm and mil were trying to be nice.

catsinthecraddle Wed 10-Feb-16 17:41:35

I like the cape a lot blush, you will sell it easily.

It sounds a bit sad not to give a gift for a birthday, so they were just trying to be nice. Next time, you should give them a list! I have relatives who don't want anything for Christmas. However, because they buy a lot for my kids, I HAVE to give them something, it's a pain.

TopHat33 Wed 10-Feb-16 18:00:36

YANBU. But looks as if you're going to have to say 'wine please' next time they ask as they clearly care and want to get you something.

I love the cape. What size are you op? grin

77 people are watching the cape!!
It's not that bad smile

pippistrelle Wed 10-Feb-16 18:30:30

Maybe keep an Amazon wishlist or something like that with some small things that you would actually like. They were trying to be nice, but I hear you on the inner conflict created by a present you don't like and didn't want. On the one hand, Polite You wants to smile, nod and say 'thank you', but Other You is thinking 'why the hell have you wasted money on this thing I hate when I specifically asked you not to?'

KurriKurri Wed 10-Feb-16 18:43:54

The cape would not be my choice it's foul, but won't your Mum notice of you don't wear it?- Will she be hurt? If not I'd ask her if you can swap it somehow - or ask her if she'd like it to wear herself - she presumably does like it.

What's the biscuit tin like ? (nosey)

I think people do really struggle with the idea of not buying someone a gift - even if you say you don't want anything.

Looking at the bigger picture - it's nicer that your family want to give you something, than the posts on here where people's families/partners have totally ignored their birthdays.

SoThatHappened Wed 10-Feb-16 18:48:59

Every single year since 2013, my mum has bought me something I have already specifically said I do not want. I dont understand it.

I take her shopping sometimes. She points things out and I say no. But it's nice...No. You need it...No. But you do this with it....NO!!!!!! I dont want it. Is how it goes.

I open something on christmas day/ birthday and she's bought it.

This time on christmas day, it happened again and I literally chucked it back at her on to the sofa where she was sitting and told her to take it back and to bu me nothing else ever again.

She gets bought everything she wants.

pigsDOfly Wed 10-Feb-16 18:53:01

I had something almost identical in the late 60s. The check on mine was a lot smaller though.

You might not like it OP but they are very much the in thing at the moment. Pretty sure you could sell that easily on ebay.

Junosmum Wed 10-Feb-16 19:00:47

Ebay the cape and use the funds to buy something you actually want. The cape should fetch £15-20.

gabsdot Wed 10-Feb-16 21:07:39

I got 11 bottles of shower gel for Christmas. Today is my birthday and I got 2 more.
I do like smellies but it's quite an unimaginative gift

SaucyJack Wed 10-Feb-16 21:13:15

Do you have a large breed of dog? Like a Rottweiler or a Lab type size.

Could maybe upcycle that monstrosity into a dog coat.

0christmastree5 Wed 10-Feb-16 21:45:17

All the watchers (47) are mn's.

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