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AIBU to just have a rant ?

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blamethecat Wed 10-Feb-16 12:13:43

DP was diagnosed with cancer last year, he has hopefully finished his chemo and yesterday we were supposed to get results of the CT he had last week along with blood results from that morning (he was also supposed have an MRI before too but it didn't get booked in time), so after travelling 1 1/2 hours having his blood taken then waiting another 5 hours to see the consultant the scan results hadn't been sent by the other hospital and only 1 of 3 blood results were ready. The CT hospital refused to send them again so we now have no idea if he needs any more treatment at all, radiotherapy or surgery. How can it be so difficult to just get stuff done, I know the NHS is big and underfunded but it is a ridiculous waste of our time and the constants as now he has to (well his secretary) chase up the CT results and let DP know by phone. Another appointment has been made for in a month just in case we still don't know and to get MRI results. It s so frustrating having our lives on hold still because they systems are so poor, he really could do with knowing what is happening to his body. The consultant is wonderful but can not give us the answers without the correct information or results to hand. Grrrrrrr and the receptionist at work is pissing me off by being frigging useless at her job despite having done it for 25 years .
I know no one can help just need a rant.

Crabbitface Wed 10-Feb-16 12:16:40

flowers It sounds like lots of stresses on top of an already horrible and stressful time. YANBU to have a rant...rant away. I hope that the results (when they do arrive) are all clear.

blamethecat Wed 10-Feb-16 20:12:29

Thanks, yes it is just added stress. Do had a call at 7.30 this evening from the consultant to say his blood test was normal which is great news. Still no sign of the CT results though so no further in knowing what's next.

Maisy313 Wed 10-Feb-16 21:26:44

I hope you get good news very soon flowers I know what it's like to wait for life changing medical results and I honestly think the waiting was torture. Be kind to yourselves and try to detach from the stress if you can.

Wolfiefan Wed 10-Feb-16 21:29:45

I'm so sorry. It's a special kind of torture. My FIL is waiting to find out if he has lung cancer. Originally he was told he'd know as soon as the consultant got the results. Now he's being told he has to wait for the results. They are in but no one will tell him until he sees the consultant later this month.
Meanwhile he can't breathe. He's coughing like you wouldn't believe. He can't sleep. He's obviously emotionally all over the place. And MIL has to deal with it.
Sorry. Hijacked thread for my own rant!

blamethecat Wed 10-Feb-16 22:21:39

We had a similar wait at the beginning wolfie do was told he had tumours in lungs and bones, three weeks later he had the correct diagnosis of germ cell tumor, had it been what we initially believed he would no longer be here. (Due to where it had spread) the waiting is awful, I hope your fil gets news soon and it is positive.

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