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AIBU to expect Kiddicare to replace a defective car seat and warn people about their lousy customer service

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chococappucino Wed 10-Feb-16 11:37:19

We bought a iSafe Joie car seat .... all good (nicely padded seat, good recline etc.) except one of the indictors for safe installation is broken.

Husband duly videoed attempted installation and the problem exactly as requested - told to return it. In order to return it he had to fill in a form - without the form they won't accept a return. Car seat sent back 2 weeks ago.

Apparently that form means that the fine print gives them 28 days to attempt to repair said car seat. After that they will consider whether they should replace it.

I had a very frustrating conversation in which she banged on about their terms and conditions - and I kept pointing out the existence of the Sale of Goods Act. She admitted she isn't a lawyer (I used to be) but every time I tried to explain that actually their terms and conditions do not overwrite the Sale of Goods Act and certain customer rights re internet sales - she said she would not be spoken to like that!

And apparently her manager was off the floor - so I wasn't allowed to speak to him / her! To be fair she said she would feel the same .... but doesn't acknowledge the customer's rights to have a replacement car seat sent out.

MovingOnUpMovingOnOut Wed 10-Feb-16 11:42:41

Doesn't the sale of goods act allow the company the option to repair in the first instance if they want?

Also I think SOGA was replaced with something like the Consumer Act on 1st October 2015??

Sighing Wed 10-Feb-16 11:43:42

Sounds like a time to bang on at them v social media. Thus also highlighting 1. Where their staff are lacking in training (customer service and retail law, they work in retail, they should have guidance!!).
2. The issue, if common, for other customers.
Maybe share with Joie as well. You did the right thing in approaching the retailer, but they may weigh in with advice.

Sighing Wed 10-Feb-16 11:45:54

(Timescales are important when considering replace vs repair. The customer being obliged by law to have a car seat or not use a car with baby is a massive consideration for a timely repair. It's not a stereo).

MovingOnUpMovingOnOut Wed 10-Feb-16 11:46:08

Did you buy online and did you return it within 14 days? If so you may be able to get a refund under Distance Selling Regulations. But if it arrived broken they should replace or refund immediately just to give best customer service.

Regardless there's no point arguing the toss with someone using a script in a call centre. Leave your details for a callback from a manager.

Or tweet them politely and unemotionally.

chococappucino Wed 10-Feb-16 11:51:43

Update - they have now called me back and offered me a loan of an own brand car seat. They don't seem to get that I bought a £200 rear facing car seat which was well padded, so I can take the little one on long distance journeys safely without him screaming his head off!

We have a five hour each way journey planned over half-term and I don't have a wretched car seat that fits! In case you can't tell I want to scream - but venting on here is the next best.

PennyHasNoSurname Wed 10-Feb-16 11:51:51

So youve sent it back 14 days ago and they have 28 days to repair or replace.

Whats the issue?

PennyHasNoSurname Wed 10-Feb-16 11:52:23

Just ask them to refund you and go elsewhere.

BertieBotts Wed 10-Feb-16 11:54:40

Yes ask for a refund and buy a seat from John Lewis or somewhere - I believe they stock the Joie and they also have the Two Way Elite which is RF.

chococappucino Wed 10-Feb-16 11:59:06

It gets better - now the Joie representative has mysteriously been in Kiddicare, she has spoken to him, and he says that the safety indicator doesn't work because it has been dropped.

It hasn't been dropped. There are no marks on the blasted car seat ......We haven't dropped the bloody thing.

All I wanted was a working car seat ....... My husband is now on the phone to them getting equally frustrated.

chococappucino Wed 10-Feb-16 11:59:34

They will not refund it.

chococappucino Wed 10-Feb-16 12:01:21

She will not let us speak to her manager.

chococappucino Wed 10-Feb-16 12:02:24

Very grumpy that we bought it from them as had a good experience of them in the past - prompt delivery, items intact etc. Kicking myself that should have bought from John Lewis - but they didn't stock that model at the time I bought it.

chococappucino Wed 10-Feb-16 12:04:59

This is like an unwanted comedy show - my husband is reading their emails to him back to her - and she is still in denial.

Apparently supplying an unsafe car seat is ok.

chococappucino Wed 10-Feb-16 12:06:08

He is repeatedly asking to speak to her manager and she will not put him through!

personoftheinternet Wed 10-Feb-16 12:12:54

My sister works in a call centre and there is always a senior member of staff on their floor, there has to be. Ask again for a supervisor or manager.
I'd definitely want a refund at this stage.

chococappucino Wed 10-Feb-16 12:16:02

Now they say that Joie say that it "may have been dropped" - but according to Kiddicare that couldn't have happened, in their warehouse or in transit. Therefore we did it - but they aren't actually acusing us of doing it.

So they propose to return a faulty car seat to us!!!

OhGoveUckYourself Wed 10-Feb-16 12:16:31

It is the Consumer Rights Act 2015 which applies now in England. The items still have to be fit for purpose. There is good advice on the Trading Standards website. If you are getting nowhere by phone then threaten them with the Small Claims Court. I realise this won't help in the short term but it might focus their minds.

chococappucino Wed 10-Feb-16 12:21:35

It is like going round in circles - they accept we didn't do it - but they won't actually do anything about the faulty product. Have now spoken to a manager who also refuses to do anything about it - no refund / no replacement.

Apparently we can speak to Joie - even though our contract for purchasing the car seat is with Kiddicare, they are refusing to take any responsibility for supplying us with a working car seat. My husband has spent ages going round in circles.

Ironically in terms of being useless - the manager's name is rather appropriate!

SirRodneyEffing Wed 10-Feb-16 12:23:32

Wow. Terrible customer service. If you're not getting anywhere on the phone small claims court is definitely the way forward. Company's really shouldn't treat their customers like this though

SirRodneyEffing Wed 10-Feb-16 12:25:29

If they accept you didn't damage it why won't they refund or replace?

PegsPigs Wed 10-Feb-16 12:29:29

This is unacceptable. I'd contact the CEO forwarding the video and see where you go from there.

MassDebate Wed 10-Feb-16 12:31:14

Did you pay by credit card? If so you can ask your bank to challenge the payment and handle the dispute for you.

Nanny0gg Wed 10-Feb-16 12:31:51

Don't know if there's anyone here useful to contact:

MovingOnUpMovingOnOut Wed 10-Feb-16 12:35:01

Sounds bloody awful. It's stuff like this that stops people shopping with a particular store.

I always rated Kiddicare for customer service but it's stuff like this that would make me choose a competitor.

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