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Does anyone else think Madonna should just chill out and have a rest now?

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InTheBox Tue 09-Feb-16 23:43:10

She's been at war with her ex regarding residency of her son who seems to want to stay in UK with his dad. She's been accused of manipulating laws so she could get to adopt her two kids.

She's also now nearing 60 and hasn't done that much for anyone or any sort of cause but just wants to prance about in a body suit singing outdated songs. Shouldn't she just give it a rest?

OhforGodsake Tue 09-Feb-16 23:45:38

Yes. She most certainly should. I would take it as a personal favour if she would just shut the fuck up. About everything actually.

CuttedUpPear Tue 09-Feb-16 23:45:48

Control freak.

CuttedUpPear Tue 09-Feb-16 23:47:05

And her singing voice is bland and screechy. Her main talent is self promotion.

BillSykesDog Tue 09-Feb-16 23:50:35

There's something very odd about her relationship with Lourdes. The way she is moulding her into a mini me and clearly favours her above the others. I suspect we will be hearing some 'Mommie Dearest' stuff about her in a few years.

Hihohoho1 Wed 10-Feb-16 00:00:36

She was amazing though back in the day.

Personally I don't really know her, or her parenting or her relationship with her dd/ds just like anyone else on here.

I don't agree that 60 year old women should just give it a rest either angry would you say that about a 60 year old bloke rocking around? Jagger? Mc Cartney? Etc.

At least Madonna looks bloody good.

A tad sexist and ageist I think.

iPaid Wed 10-Feb-16 00:03:10

I dislike her public persona but don't think she should give up performing because of her age hmm

She didn't manipulate the laws of Malawi to adopt her two youngest children; they were perfectly legal adoptions.

Darvany Wed 10-Feb-16 00:04:42

Richard Harris died working, so did Olly Reed. David Bowie, Lemmy and Alan Rickman to name a few from the last year were still active. Why should Madonna stop doing what she enjoys?

lorelei9 Wed 10-Feb-16 00:06:03

Sexist and ageist, yes. I don't know anything about her private life but her career has range, definitely still relevance if ticket sales are anything to go by, and all the stuff I've heard from the current album is great. I'm mostly one for listening to contemporary music and I don't find her work outdated.

I also really like to see someone enjoying their career that much. Natural showmanship and flair. I'm not even a fan! But I look st her work and think "respect".

lorelei9 Wed 10-Feb-16 00:08:51

OP, you also say "no causes". She donates loads and wasn't she quite active in getting Detroit charities and causes going?

ShesGotLionsInHerHeart Wed 10-Feb-16 00:10:20

So she should stop working and looking after her family because she's getting older? Don't be fucking ridiculous. hmm

Does she have to be working for a good cause, or can she just work because she likes it, wants to and is making a shit-ton of money from it?

HelenaDove Wed 10-Feb-16 00:10:59

Loved her as a teen. Like A Virgin was the first album i bought aged 12.

Have all the albums up to Music.

IMO Like a Prayer was the best one and id put Ray of Light as a close second.

lorelei9 Wed 10-Feb-16 00:11:08

Lol at "nearing 60"
It's like saying "how very dare a woman of 60 want to keep working?"

I shudder to imagine what you think of her working out...probably want to ban women from lifting weights altogether.

TamzinGrey Wed 10-Feb-16 00:13:40

She's only 57. Her concerts always sell out. Her personal family problems are none of our business. No, I don't think that she should "give it a rest". YABU.

HelenaDove Wed 10-Feb-16 00:16:38

When i was 14 i had a chance to go to see her on the Whos That Girl tour. My mum wouldnt let me go.

HelenaDove Wed 10-Feb-16 00:18:13

And shes written some of the most beautiful ballads ive ever heard.

InTheBox Wed 10-Feb-16 00:18:36

She doesn't write her own songs, she's a feminist when it suits her agenda. All in all she's just in it for the money and fame.

ilovesooty Wed 10-Feb-16 00:20:16

I agree that this is both sexist and ageist and that the OP wouldn't be suggesting she should shuffle off quietly and know her place if she were male.

MyNameIsAlexDrake Wed 10-Feb-16 00:20:55

I've saw snippets in the press about her custody battle over her son. No idea whether what is being reported is true or not. None of my business.

I'm not a current fan of Madonna, I last bought a Madonna record in, I think, 1987. She's not half done well though despite me not buying her records, hasn't she?

Reinventing herself, keeping her music 'relevant' to new listeners. All those successful tours etc... Yes she really should retire now while she can still sell out stadiums...

InTheBox Wed 10-Feb-16 00:21:00

It's not about her age. I couldn't care less if she was 27. It's about what she stands for.

InTheBox Wed 10-Feb-16 00:22:44

Some of her song are borderline welcoming abuse and she's not supported any worthwhile cause other than to just boost her persona.

InTheBox Wed 10-Feb-16 00:23:03


InTheBox Wed 10-Feb-16 00:24:48

Do you think for example Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus is the Madonna of this age?

ShesGotLionsInHerHeart Wed 10-Feb-16 00:24:55

Do you think all 'singers' write their own songs? They're not all songwriters. Pretty poor argument OP.

HelenaDove Wed 10-Feb-16 00:26:43

In the Box i tend to listen to her older stuff. There is a song on the Like a Prayer album called Til Death Do Us Part which is suppossed to be about her relationship with Sean Penn.

If you listen to the lyrics you will hear how complicated feelings can be in that kind of a relationship.

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