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Weight comments

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ChosenAtRandom Mon 08-Feb-16 19:26:23

Why do people feel it's appropriate to comment on a woman's weight and it's supposed to be a compliment? This week I have had
the following comments from men and women:

- You look well ... you've definitely lost weight
- Dont worry, you are far too skinny for my tastes
- You look ill (following another weight comment)
- You should stop trying to lose weight now, you've gone far enough

It drives me crazy as I am a healthy weight and am not trying to lose any. I hate the way my body is a seen as an appropriate topic of conversation that I never instigate or have control over. It's really making me self conscious.

Anyone else experience this and get as pissed off about it?

silversparrow Mon 08-Feb-16 19:42:10

Yes. I am very slim (I admit a bit underweight at the moment) and hate it when people comment. Calling someone skinny or thin is rude IMO. I find it hard to gain weight and if I do it disappears quickly. I'd love to be a bit curvier but it's just the way my body is.

I wouldn't dream of telling a friend she'd gained weight or should lose some!

However being thin is desirable in this culture so people often think they're being complimentary.

ChosenAtRandom Mon 08-Feb-16 19:47:17

Yes, I think you're right - people think it's a 'nice' thing to say. They don't consider how inappropriate it is to analyse and comment on someone's body. It makes me very uncomfortable.

How do you respond when this happens? I'm feeling very self conscious so when someone comments I just sort of try and shrug it off so they stop talking to me about it, but I would love to stand up for myself!

AdrenalineFudge Mon 08-Feb-16 19:50:23

Who have you had these comments coming from?

ChosenAtRandom Mon 08-Feb-16 19:54:16

A colleague, a woman at a party (friend of a friend - don't know her that well but have met a few times) and 2 friends that I would describe as close.

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